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St Michael's Mickleham - Exploring our churchyard
     This page offers a very comprehensive revue by Mike Boyle of the life and career of Douglas Graham Gilmour. In addition, there is a copy of the official Church record which is very helpful and informative. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

     This page on THE TRANSPORT ARCHIVE website is a remarkable source of information on Gilmour and his plane. It is one of fifteen pages devoted to the history of "FILTON - THE AIRCRAFT" This particular phase of the company history includes a brief revue of Gilmour's role as he joined the company as demonstration pilot in 1910. Unfortunately, his career came to an abrupt end in late 1911. You can access this story by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, I heartily recommend that you visit the homepage and sample some of the many, very fine sections devoted to all aspects of transportation, including aviation. I am sure you will enjoy your visit and will be well rewarded for the time spent.

     My friend Roy Nagl has found a number of very helpful websites which offer stories and photographs which help to expand our appreciation of Gilmour.
The Round Britain Race
The Daily Mail £10,000 Prize
22 July - 7 August 1911
     On this page you find a fascinating story of the race, illustrated with many photographs and including some important links. It presents a list of the 30 entrants into the race, including D. Graham Gilmour, along with their aeroplanes and country of origin. Sixteen of them are also to be found on my website at this time. (12-14-04)
    1. André Beaumont
  2. H. J. D. Astley
  3. Brindejonc des Moulinais
  4. R.C.Fenwick
  5. Lt.J.C.Porte, R.N.
  6. Ronald C. Kemp
  7. C. Compton Paterson
  8. O.C.Morison
  9. Jules Védrines
10. James Radley
11. G. Blanchet (11)
12. Lt. R.A. Cammell, R.E.
13. E. Audemars
14. James Valentine
15. D.Graham Gilmour
16. Eric Gordon-England
17. Collyns Pizey
18. Pierre Prier
19. C. Howard Pixton
20. S.F. Cody
21. Maurice Tabuteau
22. F.Conway Jenkins
23. Olivier de Montalent
24. Gustav Hamel
25. Lt. Reynolds, R.E.
26. Robert Loraine
27. B. C. Hucks
28. C.T.Weymann
29. Henri Wijnmalen
30. Lt. H.Bier + passenger
       If time permits, I am sure you will want to read the whole interesting story of this historic event. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.
Editor's Note: This website has disappeared from the net, as of 9-6-07, and I was not able to recover a copy from the website. I am grateful that we have the extract above for reference.

"Mr. Gilmour's Aeroplane, c. 1900"
     This page shows "the Bi-plane belonging to Mr. Gilmour on Hove Lawns with a crowd of onlookers.". It is found on a "Brighton & Hove In Pictures" page on the Brighton Library website. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Aviation: Book by Book
by Bill Gunston
Product Details
Hardcover: 916 pages; 6x9 inches
Price: used & new from $22.50
Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 9.4
Publisher: DK Publishing Inc; 2001
ISBN: 0789479869
  Product Description: from
When first printed in 1992, this book was a milestone in aviation publishing. Now, fully revised and updated to bring it into the new millennium, it is the most comprehensive record of aviation history available. Presented in a lively journalistic style, Aviation Year by Year contains a wealth of fascinating information. Thousands of contemporary photographs and illustrations, and facts and figures bring the history of aviation to life. New features for this updated edition include a timeline of the development of flight, a fully illustrated and revised introduction, and new pages covering the history of aviation up to the year 2000. Aviation Year by Year also includes a photo--gallery of each year's most significant aircraft and developments in technology, important flight records, and an encyclopedic cross--reference system to link articles throughout the months and years. More than a unique reference guide to the world of aviation and flight technology, Aviation Year by Year also chronicles the social and political events that have surrounded the amazing development of flight.
     My friend Roy Nagl discovered, on page 89 in Bill Gunston's book "Aviation: Year by Year", why his pilot's license was suspended in 1911:
"At two traditional events on the river Thames, the Henley regatta in Oxfordshire and the boat race between Oxford and Cambridge universities in London, airplanes deliberately dived low over the river. One of the plots, Graham Gilmour, flew to both events. During the boat race he repeatedly dived on the Oxford and Cambridge boats, stopping only when his Bristol biplane ran out of fuel and he had to make a forced landing on a nearby cricket ground. Gilmour ended up by having his pilot's license suspended by the Royal Aero Club because of his similar behavior at Henley."


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