Andrew H. Heermance
Wings Club, 1964
From Chirp, No. 71


Besides Captain Baldwin, the personnel of the Curtiss School in 1916, when Paul Culver arrived there, consisted of a staff of flying instructors, test pilots, and aeroplane engineers and mechanics, among them: Walter Lees, Jimmy Johnson, the Hequemburg brothers, Stewart (Andrew) Cogswell.Steve MacGordon, Andrew Heermance, Victor Carlstrom, Burt "Fish" Hassel, Stanley Vaughn and many others. Percy Kirkham was in charge of maintenance and repair along with Stanley Vaughn, Jim Honor and Bill Day. Numerous mechanics and engineers came down from the Curtiss factory at Hammondsport and Buffalo from time to time.
     The careers of Glenn Curtiss and Captain Thomas S. Baldwin were interwoven from the time when "Cap" first adapted Curtiss engines to his airships and began to experiment them. Their association had continued up to their mutual interest in the Atlantic Coast Aeronautical Station. Since Captain Baldwin was in charge there and always on hand, we got to know him better than Glenn Curtiss who only came to the school occasionally, but his visits always caused a stir of excitement and speculation over what new plans those two had for the school, and what famous person would show up for the next training class.
From Edith Dodd Culver's book
Cub FlyersEnterprises Inc.

Andrew H. Heermance died in 1984
From The Early Birds of Aviation
ROSTER, 1996
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