William A. Hetlich, Jr.
William A. Hetlich, Jr.
Birmingham Reunion, 1962
Featured in Hotel Magazine
     William Hetlich who is now security officer of the Palmer House, Chicago, was the subject of a "Personality of the Month" story in the hotel chain magazine in which his aviation pioneering was featured. As pointed out in the story, he soloed at Dominguez Field in California in 1912, and flew a Bleriot monoplane which he built himself, also a Curtiss biplane. His Federation Aeronautic International license is nmber 197 on a list that includes Glenn Curtiss and the Wright Brothers, and his state of California license is number 20. In contrast to today's jet age flying, he well recalls the day he set an endurance record of one hour and fourteen minutes in the air. Similar feats brought him fame as a "daring bird man" at aviation meets across the country. A poster announcing such an event was reproduced in the magazine article.
from the Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, January, 1956, Number 525

     William Hetlich attended the annual meeting in Birmingham and may be seen standing with the group in front of a replica aeroplane. You may access the page by clicking on the title above.

William A. Hetlich, Jr. died in 1962
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster, 1996
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