EB Reunion, Birmingham, 1962
  Back Row: King, Patterson, Profitt, Clark, Marshall, Vaughn, Wheaton, Messer, Stadlman, Waterman, Denehie, Thomas, Kimball, Hetlich, Wittemann, Tiny Broadwick, Diehl, Wilber, H. Jones
Front Row: Vincent, Hartman, Parker, Garber, Hess, Sinclair, Bjorklund

Some of the Early Birds in attendance at the 1962 Reunion at Birmingham

EB's in Hospitable Birmingham for '62 Reunion

Superlatives fail. The Reunion at Birmingham surpasses in every way all that has gone before. From the ends of the country came the strong, the weak, and the weary, each and every one leaving strengthened in heart and filled to overflowing with memories of the graciousness that met us at every turn.
     Birmingham built on a foundation of steel, opened its heart of gold and disclosed to us generous and unbounded hospitality that has never been equalled during my previous Reunions.
The Reunion was attended by:

  Bernie Whelan
Stan Vaughn
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Stadlman
Charlie Witteman
Waldo Waterman
Mr. & Mrs. Elmo Pickerill
Joe Thomas
Tiny Broadwick
Burrell Tibbs
George Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Tex Marshall
Bill Diehl
Leo Kimball
Glenn Messer
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Wheaton
Pete Goff
Vernon Burge
S. A. Vincent
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Parker
Paul Garber
Buz King
Lawton Smith
Sinnie Sinclair
Nels Nelson
Charlie Hess
Bill Hetlich
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Denehie
Paul Wilber
F. A. Bjorklund
Ira Proffitt
W. H. Aitken
Art Hartman
Harry Jones
       The program started on Friday with registration, at which time each member was given an airline traveling bag filled with everything imaginable from pens, cigarette lighters, and cosmetics to toys for the kiddies - and we were all transformed to kiddies - as at Christmas.
     The banquet Friday evening was impromptu and informal and was a refreshing change from the formalities that are customary. It was one of the most enjoyable functions we have ever attended.
     The cocktail party and Awards Banquet Saturday evening was attended by just about every dignitary from Birmingham that could find room to get his feet on the floor or a plate to eat from. Plaques were presented to:
EB Reunion, Birmingham, 1962
EB Reunion, Birmingham, 1962
EB Reunion, Birmingham, 1962
EB Reunion, Birmingham, 1962
       Burge had to leave before the Awards Banquet was held so no presentation could be made.
     Will D. Parker's plaque did not arrive in time for presentation and a special ceremony is being planned for the presentation later this year.
     There was a "Kaffee Klatch" in the Terrace Ball Room engineered by the Women's Junior Chamber of Commerce and who can satisfy a hunger of any kind better than a sympathetic and naturally gracious woman.
     The cocktail party given by Allan H. Woodward, Jr., at his gorgeous hunting lodge took us farther out of this world than any astronaut has been, and the "outing" at the residence (what an inadequate word) of Ed Stringfellow defies literal description.
     The Air Show on Monday brought out apparently every man, woman, and child in Alabama, and all pointsd East, West, North, and South. No wonder Alabama leads the list of our States!
     The site of our next Reunion has not yet been determined. But wherever it may be, the sponsors will find that Birmingham set a precedent that will strain their capabilities.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
October, 1962, Number 69

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