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Walter Hinton
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The New York Times
October 31, 1981

Transcribed by Margie Hinton, 1,2,.07
Walter Hinton, an aviation pioneer who was a member of a six-man crew that flew a Navy plane across the Atlantic Ocean eight years before Lindbergh, died Wednesday in the Colonial Palms Nursing Home here. He was 92 years old.

Mr. Hinton, a Broward County resident since the late 1950's, was born on an Ohio farm on Nov. 10, 1888. He took an early interest in the developing field of aviation and went on to become one of its early heroes.

He made the first flight between New York and Rio de Janeiro and piloted an expedition into parts of the unexplored Amazon River valley.One of the 'Daredevils'

In an interview last July, when he was honored by the Brazilian Government for the Amazon flights, Mr. Hinton said he had no idea he was making history with his early exploits.

"There weren't many people interested in it in those days," he said. "The majority of them thought it was just a bunch of daredevils. But I'm still very proud of everything."

Mr. Hinton, who was a friend of the Wright brothers and Adm. Richard Byrd, was the last surviving member of the six-man crew that flew an NC-4 from Rockaway, Queens, to Lisbon in May 1919.

Charles A. Lindbergh's epic flight in 1927, to Paris from Roosevelt Field, L.I., was solo. After his pioneering days, Mr. Hinton founded a correspondance school for pilots and served on the Civil Aeronautics Board. Eventually he retired to south Florida.

       Pete Jones has located this entry for Walter on the Find A Grave website. You will find his dates of birth and death and the location of his burial. You can access the page by clicking on the title.  

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