Claude P. Nesmith
Claude P. Nesmith
Nesmith Family Collection, 9-16-04
via email from Joni West, 9-25-04
Joni is Claude's step-daughter
Hello Ralph
Happy to help
     Talking and thinking about Claude (and my mother) brings back a lot of memories, lots of good ones. Claude was a very sweet man who was woefully under-valued by his parents but wonderfully kind and loving to my mother. His parents had limited resources so elected to educate only Rollin. Claude and his brother, Milton, were "overlooked" and thus left to fend for themselves, which often actually makes people stronger. That road, however, tends to be pretty "bumpy" along the way.
     Claude and my mother would be very pleased to know he is "on the internet" and that someone else is valuing and appreciating early aviators and the OX5 club. I do not remember anything about Claude's participation in the OX5 club other than the fact that he and mother attended various banquets over the years and Claude was very proud of his membership in and association with others in the club.
     As soon as I can get a few minutes I'm going to check and see if I can find any more interesting items for you.
Thanks for your interest and efforts in this regard.
Best wishes.

Claude P. Nesmith
AVIATION INSTITUTE OF U.S.A. Note signature of Pres. & Chief Instructor: Walter Hinton
Nesmith Family Collection, 9-16-04

Walter Hinton
Walter Hinton
To my Friend & Co-worker
in Aviation
C. P. Nesmith
From Walter Hinton

Nesmith Family Collection, 9-16-04

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     By clicking on the titles above, you can view some of the photographs which Patricia Burns has kindly shared with us from the Nesmith Family Collection.

Claude died in Calimesa, California on February 11, 1987
from &
Personal communication from Patricia Burns, 9-17-04

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