Researched by Margie Hinton, 11-20-06
Walter Hinton
Courtesy of Margie Hinton, 8-1-07

       I am now neck deep in another research project. Diaries surfaced in Trinity County written during the 1880s by Jennie Picket Rice, a woman who just happens to have been born a Hinton in Ohio. The diaries were sent to me as a Hinton family researcher. Thinking she might be a relative, a cousin and I started digging. We ARE related - but a long way back in the 1600s. However, we decided to put her diaries in historical perspective and so that is my latest project.
     BUT, Jennie is related to Walter Hinton - and her relationship to him is through their g-g-g-grandparents. Thomas Hinton came from Maryland to Ohio when land was just opening up and bought farms in several counties. He brought many of his children - grown with families - and Jennie's family lived in Delaware County, just north of Columbus. Some of Thomas' family moved to Ross County where Thomas finally settled (and died in 1820) - then the kids scattered. Evidently, and much later, some went to Van Wert County (again reasonably priced land was available) and Willard Hinton and an unknown woman (that drated missing 1890 census again) gave birth to two children, Florence and Walter. The 1900 census has his father, F. W. married seven years to a woman, Levina - and Florence was born in 1886 and Walter in 1888.
     So now we know. When I get the research completed on Jennie and her families, I will go back and see what I can find on Walter's family and their moves through Ohio.
Editor's Note: I am sure that Margie would appreciate any help you might be able to offer to her in her search for more information on the families. You can contact her by sending your message to me. I will forward it to her, promptly. Thank you.

Courtesy of Margie Hinton, 8-29-08
I went back to the index to make sure I had it right - Margie

New Orleans, Louisiana Marriage Records Index, 1831-1925
Name: Walter Hinton
Spouse: Sallie Adeline Fenner
Age: 29
Age: 23
Gender: M
Marriage Date: 17 Nov 1917
Volume: 40
Page: 409

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