Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson
Most likely taken at Boston Harvard Meet Sept 1910.
Contributed by Jerry Blanchard, 11-24-10

Harvard-Boston's Great Aero Meet - Boston, Mass. Aug 19.
Daily Journal and Tribune, Knoxville, Tennessee:
August 19, 1910,
Via email from Bob Davis - 9-2-03
     "No aviation meet held in this country and probably none yet held in the world has had such a representative list of aviators as is assured in the Harvard-Boston aero meet, September 3 to September 13, according to the list of entrants to date announced tonight. The entry list is truly international and includes seventeen individual aviators and eleven types of air navigating machines. There is certain to be keen competition for the $40,000 hung up as prizes in a dozen events. The entrants follow:
  Walter Brookins
Arthur Johnson
Glenn H. Curtiss
Charles F. Willard
M. Didier Masson
A.V. Roe
J. Graham White
William M. Hilliard
J. M. All_as
Ernest P. Lincoln,
Clifford D. Harmon
Captain Thomas Baldwin
Jacques Delesseps
Dr. W. P. Christmas,
John G. Stratton
Horace F. Kearner
Greely S. Curtis
Wright biplanes
Wright biplanes
Curtiss biplanes
Curtiss biplanes
Vendome aeroplane
Roe Triplane
Farman biplane & Bleriot monoplane;
Herring-Burgess biplane
Harvard biplane;
Christmas biplane
Burgess-Curtiss aeroplane
Pfitzer monoplane
Bleriot monoplane

via email from Cheryl Johnson Ludecke, 9-13-07
My name is Cheryl Johnson Ludecke. I have a great uncle who was named Arthur Johnson. He was the son of the US Consul to Germany, Charles F. Johnson. Arthur was born in 1874 in Cincinnati, Ohio and died in 1954 in Berlin, Germany. Could this be the Arthur Johnson who you are looking for?
Cheryl Johnson Ludecke
Editor's Note: I thank Cheryl for her information. I can't establish a relationship at this time, but perhaps this information from Cheryl may be the key to the mystery. If you can help, please contact us.

     If you search for "Arthur Johnson +aviation" using Google, (11-24-10), you will find about 28,700 links! None of them appear to be relevant to this pioneer aviator.

I can't find anything about his dates of birth or death.
Editor's Note:
If you have any more information on this Early Flier,
please contact me.
E-mail to Ralph Cooper

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