Auguste K. Koerbling

Hotel Carter, Cleveland,
August 30-September 2, 1946.
The EB Banquet
     The EB's own share of the Cleveland fracas wound up with the banquet Saturday night when 114 EBs and guests finally got together all in one place and at one time. Again male EBs and their wives, EB Blanche Scott and her escort were the guests of Frank A. Tichenor who by now has firmly established himself as a perennial.
     At the head of the tables were; EB President elect, George H. Scragg; Frank A. Tichenor, President of Aero Digest and EB's good friend/ EB Retiring President R. H. Depew, Jr.; Tom Herbert, First World War Pilot and Governor-Elect of the State of Ohio; Brig. Gen. Frank P. Lahm, Ret., EB Vice President; Augustus Post, EB Treasurer; Robert J. Minshall, President, Pesco Products and EB Trustee; Air Commodore Frank Whittle, R.A.F.; E. R. Sharp, Manager of the Cleveland Laboratory, N.A.C.A.; Al Engel, EB member Reunion Committee, and our speaker, William B. "Bill" Stout, who lost none of his reputation as speaker, prophet and authority in the course of his remarks.
      Chairman Scragg called on the following in turn to stand, reciting a line or two in reminder of their past doings---Al Engel, Blanche Stuart Scott, Dr. G. F. Myers, Frank T. Coffyn, Dr. H. W. Walden, A. P. Warner, Auguste Koerbling, J. T. H. Jack Whitaker, Ralph S. Barnaby, Hillary Beachey, and Major R. W. "Shorty" Schroeder.
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By Frances Wright
       The Early Birds were entertained by an air show in Dayton over Labor Day weekend by the combined efforts of the Air Force, Navy and Marines.
     The demonstrations of U. S. air power included a mock attack supported almost entirely by jets, one of which dropped a napalm bomb, and climaxed by an atomic bomb explosion accompanied by the characteristic flash of heat; and another ground force attack backed by helicopters bringing in men, guns to a designated point and finally evacuating wounded flown by the grandstand for eye-witness approval, comprised the major events.
     The EBs had seats of honor, carefully guarded, directly in front of the speaker's stand. A number of them were introduced by Gov. Lausche of Ohio the first day. Although the guests included "brass" from nearly all nations and many prominent American flyers their vantage point was considerable secondary to that of the EBs.
     On Saturday evening the 50th anniversary of flight was commemorated by 56 EBs plus their guests, including Auguste Koerbling, in the Piccadilly Room, Hotel Miami. Speaker for the evening was Wayne W. Parrish, editor and publisher of American Aviation.
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from Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, December, 1953, Number 50

Auguste K. Koerbling died in 1970
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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