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     If you search for "George Loose +aviation", using the Google search engine, (10-25-03), you will find about 50 links. Among the most helpful are the following.
A short history of Palo Alto aviation
     This page on the website of the Palo Alto Online for Wednesday, July 04, 2001 mentions that George Loose has finished building a plane in 1906. To read the whole item, click on the title above.
Chapter III

Electronics in the West: The First Fifty Years,
Jane Morgan, 1967, pages 32-38:
     This page is quite remarkable and tells a fascinating story. The author writes in great detail about the circumstances surrounding the first communication by radio from plane to ground. As you read the story, you find many of the familiar, and some unfamiliar, names of early aviators who were active at the time. The list includes: Cleve G. Shaffer, Fung Joe Guey, (Feng Ru), Frank H. Johnson, Dr. William Greene, Harold Hall, George Loose, Fred Wiseman, Elmo Pickerill, J. A. McCurdy, Lt. Paul W. Beck, Eugene Ely, Charles F. Willard and Phillip Parmalee. This is a really fascinating account of the events which surrounded the experiments in what was characterized in 1910 as , "the most valuable contribution of the century to the highly advanced science of modern warfare."
     To access the site, click on the title above. Once on the page, if you use your FIND button on George Loose, you will find several references to his activity.

The dates of his birth and death are unknown.
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