Early Birds to Meet in Cleveland, 1935

Chairman, Reunion Committee

Oliver G. Simmons
  When this picture was taken, Oscar G. Simmons, (yes, that's who it is), never dreamed that two decades later he would be staying up nights planning a program for the reunion of the Early Birds at Cleveland during the National Air Races. But here he is--or was.

Banquet Features Program
Sept. 1 Is 'EB Day' at Air Races
     Early birds from all over the United States will gather in Cleveland Aug. 30 to Sept. 2 for a national reunion held in conjunction with the 1935 National Air Races, according to word from O. G. Simmons, chairman of the EB Reunion Committee.
     The highlights of the reunion will be a banquet at the Carter Hotel, Saturday, Aug. 31, at which William E. Scripps, EB president, will preside.
     Scripps, publisher of The Detroit News, will fly to the reunion in The Detroit News Lockheed, "Early Bird" piloted by James V. Piersol, aviation editor.

     Sunday, Sept. 1, hass been designated "Early Birds' Day" on the program of the National Air Races. Announcements to this effect will be made throughout the day on the public address system set up at the Cleveland Municipal Airport, scene of the races, and an effort will be made to have prominent Early Birds appear on the announcer's platform at intervals during Sunday's program.
     Also on Sunday the assembled Early Birds will observe the 25th anniversary of Glenn H. Curtiss' record-breaking flight from Cleveland to Cedar Point and return, on the first leg of which the pioneer airman flew 64 and three- quarter miles in 78 minutes for a new world record for over-water flight.

     Tentative plans drafted by the Reunion Committee call for a retracing of this flight, with 14 Early Birds aboard a Curtiss Condor transport plane of the latest type. This type plane has a gross weight of 17,500 pounds.
     Curtiss, in a copyrighted story appearing in the Cleveland Press Sept. 1, 1910, wrote;      "The airplane did not rise readily because it was loaded with 10 gallons of gasoline and two gallons of oil."
     Plans to honor Orville Wright during the Early Bird reunion have been nullified by Wright's inability to come to Cleveland. He is entertaining guests at his summer home in Canada.
     The Cleveland Aviation Club, which is having an inaugural ball the night of Aug. 31, is considering inviting all Early Birds to its affair following the EB banquet.

     The EB banquet is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. A price of $2.50 per plate has been arranged by the committee.
     The Reunion Committee headed by Simmons, includes Col. J. B. McCalley, of Cleveland; E. G. Hall, of Warren, O.; A. J. Engel, of Youngstown, O., and C. R. Sinclair, of Dearborn, Mich.
     Additional features of the reunion may be decided upon before the gathering of the Early Birds. Cliff Henderson, managing director of the National Air Races, has promised full co-operation with the EBs in connection with the special observance Sunday.
from CHIRP - AUGUST 17, 1935 - DETROIT, MICH.
courtesy of Steve Remington - CollectAir

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