by Warren S. Eaton
Central Pacific Division Chairman
       This lineup at the speakers' table of the LA meeting shows EB's George Prudden and Warren Eaton with several C of C Aviation Committee members. Left to right are Woodruff "Woody" deSilva, George H. Prudden, Herman "Fish" Salmon, Warren S. Eaton, Marshall Benedict, Marvin Miles, Andy Neff, and George Cote.  

       On the 30th of November, 1956, the Early Birds of the Central Pacific Division of California joined forces with the Aviation Committee of the L.A. Chamber of Commerce in holding their second semi-annual meeting of the year at the Carolina Pines Restaurant in Hollywood.
     The meeting followed our plan to broaden the asssociation of Early Birds with other organizations of parallel and common interests, and we invited the Aviation Committee to attend, to socialize with us and to enjoy our interesting and entertaining program.
     The program was provided as usual by EB George H. Prudden who so generously devoted his time and efforts to make it an outstanding success for all to enjoy.
     The guests speaker of the evening was Mr. Herman "Fish" Salmon of Lockheed who spoke on the "Problems of the Test Pilot." This was illustrated with movies as was his discourse on the development of the ejection seat for high-speed planes.
     Next came the movie film by Tony LeVier, chief of testing at Lockheed, entitled "How to Test a Jet." Then came the film, "Step by Step into Our Living Room in the Sky," an illustration of the advancing development of "parlor Comfort" and safety in our modern airliners.
     Teel Hildebrand, our "Queen." informed the gathering of General and Mrs. Frank Lahm's progress toware regaining their health and efficiently handled the floral arrangements and the ticket collections as well as adding the necessary touch of grace to the evening.
     Among the distinguished guests for the evening were: Marvin Miles, Aviation Editor of the L.A. Times; Mr. George Cote, Manager, Aviation Dept., L.A. Chamber of Commerce, who arranged with the Aviation Committee for their joint attendance; Mr. Andy Neff, Chairman, General Aviation Sub-Committee of the L.A. Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Woodruff "Woody" DeSilva, Manager of the L.A. International Airport; and Mr. Marshall Benedict, Chairman , Educational Sub-Committee, L.A. Chamber of Commerce.
     In the absence of Gen. Frank P. Lahm due to his regretable illness--he always officiates with such decore--Col. Warren S. Eaton, emceed the dinner meeting, welcoming the Aviation Committee and their gurests and introducing the distinguished guests. George H. Prudden introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Herman "Fish" Salmon.
     There are twenty-nine members and guests of the Aviation Committee present, thirty-seven EB's and their guest, for a grand total of 66 dinners served.
     The following EB's with their guests attended:
  Edmond Bates
Carl T. Batts
Tiny Broadwick
Leon E. Canady
Howard J. Heindell
George H. Prudden
P. H. Spencer
Thomas E. Steptoe
Mortimer F. Bates
Filip A. Bjorklund
Buel H. Canady
Warren S. Eaton
William A. Lamkey
Hilder F. Smith
Anthony Stadlman
Waldo D. Waterman
Ivan P. Wheaton
     The cocktail hour started at 6 P.M., and it was 7:35 P.M. before the dcall for dinner would be answered.
     The above report is illuminating as it indicates how EB's can get together when a program is developed. Let us hope that there are many sectional meets around the country. Section Chairmen, please take note!
EB LA, 1956
       Another photo taken at the LA meet shows (seated--left to right) a group of Early Birds that steer EB activities on the Central and Southern Pacific areas-Waldo D. Waterman, Ivan P. Wheaton, and Warren E. Eaton. In the back row standing are Woodruff "Woody" DeSilva and Herman "Fish" Salmon.  

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