Plaque Commemorates Waterman's First Flight, 1959Kitty Hawk Dinner Honors EB's, 1959
  Shown at the Waterman dedication are (left to right) in front row: Otto W. Timm, Leslie Irwin, Tiny Broadwick, Hilder Smith, Edmund Bates, Ivan Wheaton, J. R. Hutchinson, Col. H. S. Martin, Maj. G. E. A. Hallett, Capt. George Gillespie, Filip Bjorklund, and Adolph Sutro. Waldo Waterman at the monument. John Gray and Harold Kantner were also present  

Plaque Commemorates Waterman's First Flight, 1959
By Colonel Warren Eaton
On July 1, 1959, the Early Birds and the San Diego Historical Society dedicated a plaque to Early Bird Waldo Waterman on the fiftieth anniversary of his first flight. This dedication was made on the site of his first glider flight July 1, 1909, down a steep slope in San Diego, California, at the age of 15 years. Waldo still maintains an active commercial pilot's license, having flown over the site the day before the dedication.
     This dedication was the occasion for Early Birds to gather in San Diego for the ceremonies, and 19 came from throughtout the southwestern area. Pete Goff was in the vicinity, so he attended also.
     Don Driggs, president of the San Diego Historical Society, as master of ceremoniese, delivered the introductory remarks and introduced the speakers. these included John Bate, director of the Port of San Diego; Col. Warren Eaton, past president of the Early Birds; Ed Gabrielson, City Engineer; a representative of the San Diego Chapter, I.A.S.; T. Claude Ryan, president of Ryan Aeronautical Co.; John Quimby, president of Fiesta del Pacifico, and secretary of the Central Labor Council; Robert Dent, chairman of the County Board of Supervisors; State Assemblyman Frank Luckel; State Senator Hugo Fisher; and Mayor Charles C. Dail.
     Mayor Dail dedicated the plaque and introduced Carol and Nellie Blackwell, grandaughters of Waldo Waterman, who unveiled the monument. Master of Ceremonies Don Driese then introduced the honored one, Waldo Waterman, who responded with brief remarks and expressed his appreciation of the honors bestowed upon him.


Secen at the Plaque Dedication, 1959
Waldo Waterman is here explaining his first flight on the same site on July 1st, 1909. From left to right are his grandaughter Carol Blackwell, Tiny Broadwick, Waldo, Hilder Smith, and Nellie Blackwell, another grandaughter.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
January 1960, Number 62

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