Collection of Cheryl Moore, 2-2-05

     At this time, about all I know about his early life is that he was born in Warren, Ohio on October 4, 1867.

Observe Army Air Day - 1933
Robert S. Moore
  MARK FIRST FLIGHT--Thomas T. Hilde-
brandt, of the National Aeronautical Asso-
ciation; Augustus Post, man who reported
Orville Wright's flight; R. S. Moore and
Mrs. John Bryant, early fliers, watching
for plane flown yesterday from Bolling
Field over Fort Myer, marking first flight
of an Army plane 30 years ago yesterday.
Collection of Cheryl Moore, 2-2-05

Invitation to Join the Early Birds
October 19th, 1928

Mr. Robert S. Moore,
c/o F. Wesel Mfg. Co.,
Scranton, Pa.

My dear Mr. Moore:-

     There is a move on foot among the old fliers to organize--and this move has crystalized into the formation of the tentative organization of the "EARLY BIRDS" or "OLD TIMERS"--open only to those who have actually soloed prior to the outbreak of the War.
     This is the direct outcome of a small get-together meeting held recently after the Los Angeles Air Races.
     You name has been suggested as one who might be eligible and interested. If this is so, we shall be glad to hear from you.
     At present there are no dues and no obligations. Later on it will be necessary to charge nominal dues to cover the cost of mailing notices, etc.
     A line by return mail to the above address will be appreciated.
Yours very cordially,
Association of Old Time Airmen.
  Jack Vilas
Bert Hassell
Brig. General B. D. Foulois, U.S.A.
Capt. H. C. Richardson, U.S.N.
Ernest L. Jones
Parker Cramer
P. G. B. Morriss

Membership Card
Early Bird Membership Card - 1943
Collection of Cheryl Moore, 2-2-05

Robert S. Moore
Mystery Kids
     This photograph was found in R. S. Moore's collection. To date, the kids remain unidentified. If you can help us identify them, please contact me.
Collection of Cheryl Moore, 2-2-05

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