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From: Istoria Aviatiei Romane, Editura Stiintifica Si Enciclopedica, Bucharest, 1984
Submitted by Dave Lam, 5-24-05
Translation from Romanian by Aurelian Simionescu, 5-25-05
     "On October 11th, 1913 (September 29th by the old calendar), only 4 days after obtaining his pilot license, sublieutenant Gheorghe Negel, one of Aurel Vlaicu's good friends, took off in his Farman airplane from Cotroceni airfield in Bucharest for a raid to Targoviste, accompanied by mechanic Nichita Pasev. It was there, the city of Targoviste where he graduated from the Cavalry Military School, where he crashed his plane and lost his life. Pasev suffered only minor injuries. Following his will expressed at Vlaicu's funerals less than a month earlier, Negel was buried next to Aurel Vlaicu in Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest."
NOTE: Nichita Pasev is member of the group photograph taken on Chitila Airfield posted in several places on this website.
Chitila Airfield
Gheorghe Negrescu in the pilot's seat, Aurel Vlaicu in the passenger's seat ,
from left to right military pilots Protopopescu, Parvulescu, Popescu,
and the mechanic Nichita Pasev.

     If you search for "Gheorghe Negel ", using the Google search engine, (5-24-05), you will find just one relevant link, to this site.

Gheorghe Negel died on 11 October, 1913
Personal communication from Dave Lam, 5-24-05

Aurel Vlaicu's Tombstone
in Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest.

To the left, partially visible in the photo above,
is the tomb of aviator Gheorghe Negel,
a friend of Vlaicu, who died a month later.
Photo & note courtesy of Aurelian Simionescu, 7-26-09

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