Marthe Niel
Photo Courtesy of David Lam
by email from David Lam, 1-23-03
     Marthe was born 29 December 1880 at Paimpont (France-- Ille-et-Vilaine) She earned her License # 226 on 19 Sept 1910 in a Koechlin aircraft. She was the second woman to win a license. She later participated in the aero meeting at Dijon, September 22-25, 1910, the only woman competitor in a field of 7. Most of the prize money was won by Marcel Hanriot, at age 16, the youngest licensed pilot in Europe. She did however win some kind of a special prize, which I have not yet been able to identify.
Marthe Niel
Monoplan Koechlin, Moteur Grégoire Gyp, 35 chevaux
Stabilisation commandée par le dossier du siège
L'Ecole de cet appareil est à Mourmelon
Photo Courtesy of David Lam
from David Lam
     Most of those links you find using Google on "Marthe Niel" are for another Marthe Niel-- check the birthdays. This is the only valid one I have been able to find. The original article is written in French. To access it, click on:
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     If you need the article machine translated into English, you should click on:
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Les Koechlin dans l'aventure de l'automobile et de l'aviation
vus par Marc Douëzy,
journaliste scientifique, collaborateur du journal anglais "The Automobile" où il a publié ce texte en anglais
     Just out of curiosity, I searched the net using Google on "Moteur Koechlin." I found one very interesting link which reports the activity of Paul Koechlin, a member of the Koechlin family who was active in aviation. I don't read French, but a machine- translation into English is available directly from the link in Google
     If you read French, you can access the site by clicking on the title above. If you need the English version, you can click on:
Paul Koechlin - English Version

     If you want to go directly to the story of the developments in early aviation, use your "FIND" function on "Paul Koechlin." He was the member of the family who was especially active in aviation.

Marthe died in 1928.

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