George Underwood
Collection of Jayne Roberts, 11-8-08

via email from Beryl (Signor) Nulph, 3-30-05
Dear Mr. Cooper:
I am writing as part of my genealogy research that I cannot find.
1. My father was a pioneer in aviation, and was a barnstormer. His name was: Harry A. Signor (H.A. Signor)
2. I'm trying to find which school he graduated from, and his pilots number.

Harry Park
This photo is from the letterhead which is available on the
University of Milwaukee Library website.

  3. There is a story to this. He had a partner, George Underwood, that they owned the Bi-plane, a "Sparling" I believe.
4. They were scheduled to participate in an air show in Callaeo, MO (near St. Louis) in September 1912. Don't know how many shows, or what "circuit" they were connected to.
5. One day they were to fly, it was very windy, and my father decided not to take the plane up, however, George decided he would and go alone. He did, he crashed, was killed, and my Dad was left with the job of accompaning his body back to his parents.
6. The Curtiss air Museum had the information of George's graduation, pilots number, said he crashed in September 1912, listing my dad, H.A. Signor as "Manager."
7. They had no other info, nor the newpaper article, hence I am writing everywhere I can think of to see what and where I should research next.
8. Did he graduate from Your school?
I Thank you for any info you may help me with.
Beryl (Signor) Nulph

George Underwood
Collection of Jayne Roberts, 11-8-08

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