Vlaicu's Glider
Aurel Vlaicu piloting his glider (Spring of 1909)
Photo courtesy of Aurelian Simionescu,

Initial Experiments With Flying Machines
     During this period he designed a flying machine with wings that beat the air, powered by springs.
     In 1908 he worked at the Opel Engine Factory, in Russelshein.
     In July 1909 (when he built a glider, at Bintinti) he moved to Bucharest. Here, helped by his many friends - writers like Vlahuta, Emil Garleanu, Stefan O. Iosif, George Cosbuc etc - he built an airplane model that, by its flights, impressed Spiru Haret, the Minister of Instruction. Pleased by the success, the ideas and the tenaciousness of Vlaicu, S. Haret lobbied the Romanian government on his behalf and obtained approval for him to build an airplane, the Vlaicu 1, at the Army's Arsenal Factory.

Vlaicu's Glider
Vlaicu's Glider
A stamp commemorating the 1909 flights of Vlaicu with his glider
Photo courtesy of Aurelian Simionescu, 7-5-09

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