Leonino Da Zara
Leonino Da Zara
From the book: Pionieri dell'Aviazione in Italia.
Courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 2-26-07

     If you search for "Leonino Da Zara" using the Google search engine, (9-29-07), you will find about 1240 links! Most of them are in Italian, but many can be accessed in a machine-translated version directly from the page.

Galleria fotografica: Leonino da Zara
      This is an especially valuable resource. As a Photographic Gallery, it offers nine unique photographs, each one of which can be enlarged from the thumbnail. Each one has an informative legend associated with it. If you read Italian, you can access the website directly by clicking on the title above.
      If you need a version in English, as I do, you can obtain a machine-translated version by clicking on:
English Version

Aeroclub di Padova
      This page in Italian offers five rare photographs of da Zara, as well as his accompanying biography. They are all easily enlarged from the thumbnails. If you read Italian, you can access the original article by clicking on the title above.
     If you need an English translation, as I do, you can click on:
English Version

     Mario Cobianchi wrote this very interesting book in the year 1943 and he died in the 1944. The book isn't for sale and in Italy there are only 11 copies in the libraries. It is the source of the information on other Italian pioneers which I have sent to you including Giuseppe Cei, Pasqua marquis Ugolino Vivaldi, Mario Calderara and Adorno Enrico Cammarota
     His book is very interesting in that there are the names of italian aviation motors from 1884 to 1913 and the names of the italian pioneers killed from 1909 to 1914.
Photo & text courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 10-10-04

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