AKA Jean Cei
Giuseppe Cei
Giuseppe Cei
Photo courtesy of Valerio Vallini, 4-14-05

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Giuseppe Cei died on March 28, 1911 near Puteaux.
Giuseppe Cei
Giuseppe Cei
Giuseppe Cei Relic
French license no. 353 obtained on February 1, 1911
Killed after an accident on 28 March 1911 in a Blériot
Edmond Tarron Relic
License n° 347 obtained on 4 January 1911
Killed after an accident on 18 April 1911 in a Blériot
Collection of Benoit Henriet, 1-15-08
Dear Sir,
     My great uncle Paul Andrillon was a French fighter pilot over Macedonia in the Greek allied army from 1917 to 1918. He was flying in the N507 and N531 squadrons with Dieudonné Costes and Maurice Lashermes, French fighter pilots. Dieudonné Costes became very famous when he succeed in the first flight crossing the Atlantic from Paris to New York in 1930.
     Before flying for the army, Paul Andrillon use to go to aerial meetings around Paris in the 1910's looking at the first pioneer's experiences. He had been a witness to each of the accidents linked to these relics.

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