Acosta, Bert
Addems, Walter J.
Baldwin, Captain Thomas Scott
Batts, Carl
Bellanca, Giuseppe M.
Benoist, Tom
Bjorklund, Filip A.
Brossy, Frederic A.
Bullock, Walter
Carlstrom, Victor
Cogswell, Stewart W.
Culver, H. Paul
Curtiss, Glenn
Dade, George C.
Denehie, William A.
Dormoy, Etienne
Eckstrom, Gustav
Fowler, Robert G.
Garber, Paul E.
Grundy, George D. Jr.
Havens, Beckwith
Hassell, B. R. J. "Fish"
Heinrich, Albert S."
Hequembourg, Ted
Irvin, Leslie L.
Jannus, Antony
Jannus, Roger
Johnson, Al (A. E.)
Johnson, Jimmy
Jones, Harry M.
Kantner, Harold D.
Kenneson, Edward Ralph
Lees, Loa
Lees, Walter E.
Lillie, Max
McGordon, Steve
Messer, Glenn E.
Morris, Raymond V.
Prudden, George H.
Reisweber, Ben
Rohfls, Roland,
Southee, Earl Raymond
Spencer, Percival Hopkins
Stanton, Frank
Stinson, Katherine
Stout, William B.
Towers, Lieut. John H.
Vernon, Victor
Vilas, Jack
Waterman, Waldo D.
Wheaton, Ivan P.
Woolson, Captain Lionel
Wysong, Forrest E.
Zistel, Gen. Errol H.

National Aviation Hall of Fame
The NAHF nominates and enshrines individuals in recognition of achievment in the developement of aviation. Nomination for enshrinement into the NAHF is conducted by a Board of Nominations and its Screening Committee. Nominations can be made by any member of the NAHF. The nominee's accomplishments are reviewed by the Screening Committee and, if approved, the nominee's name is placed on the official ballot.
Four of the persons in my Biographical Briefs Section are found among the 155 enshrinees of the National Aviation Hall of Fame. In addition, there is a link for General William Mitchell, whose entry is found in Gallery 4. Each entry includes a portrait of the enshrinee and about a page recounting his life story.
I was given permission by Shari Christy, Archivist/Curator and Mike Jackson, Executive Director, to link directly to their site. I am very grateful for their gracious cooperation. If you are interested in more information on the selected persons, I invite you to click on their names below to go directly to their pages.
Thomas Scott Baldwin
Bellanca, Giuseppe M.
Glenn Curtiss
Lindbergh, Charles
William (Billy) Mitchell
Richardson, Holden C.
Rogers, Will
John Henry Towers

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