Gallery 1, Early Years, 1911-1912
  Someday It Will Be Me!
The first time he saw an aeroplane was in Ashland, Wisconsin, September 1911. This was just eight years after the Wright Brothers made their first official heavier-than-air flight. Walter was fascinated. He played hooky from his job as chauffer and spent the day at the fair grounds watching them "set the plane up". In those days, they took the planes apart, crated them and shipped them by train from one city to another.
     Shortly thereafter, Walter signed up with the Aero Exhibition Company to learn to fly. After some weeks in St. Augustine, Florida, he discovered that the whole deal was a scam. He next managed to find employment with Tom Benoist.
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Curtiss Ad in Town & Country
July, 1911
Aviation Ads, Town & Country
July, 1911
Beckwith Havens
Ashland, WI
September, 1911
Walter The Chauffer
September, 1911
Ashland, WI
Walter Lees & Otto Brodie
St. Augustine, FL
January, 1912
Walter in a Bleriot Type XI
St Augustine
January, 1912
Otto Brodie & Farman Biplane,
St. Augustine
Benoist Tractor
Type XII, No. 31
June, 1912
Lees In A Benoist
November, 1912
Benoist Wreck
Kinloch, MO
May, 1912
Cicero Field, Chicago, 1912
Beckwith Havens
Charlottesville, VA
Benoist Tractor Type Biplane Capo's Launch
St. Augustine, FL, 1912
Korn Brothers,1911

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