1912-JUNE, 1915

  After his experiences in St. Augustine, Walter got a job working for Tom Benoist in St. Louis. It was there that he made his first and unauthorized solo. Walter next went to North Island near San Diego, CA in the Spring of 1914. Curtiss had established his school on the island in January of 1911. Walter attended the Curtiss School until mid 1915 when he graduated and left for Chicago. While at the school, he qualified on both the land and sea planes. His first job after graduating was flying a Curtiss F-Boat owned by Steward McDonald in Chicago.

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Benoit Factory
May, 1912
Benoist at The Bluffs
California Pass
Lieut. Towers Flying Boat Run
May, 1913
First Scheduled Airline
December, 1914
First Scheduled Airline , Tony Jannus 1914 Benoist Commemorative Flight, 1984 Raymond V. Morris
in E Boat, 1913
Langley, 1914
Curtiss Flying Boat, North Island
Jan. 26, 1915
Curtiss School Boat, North Island
Jan. 26, 1915
Walter at Coronado Beach
Cal. Feb. 7, 1915
Lunch at Curtiss Camp
North Island, 1915
Cal. Feb. 7, 1915
Jimmy Johnson & Walter
North Island, Apr. 4, 1915
Walter & "Jim",
North Island, 1915
Walter & Land Tractor, North Island, 1915 Walter & "The Gang", 1915

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