Gallery 12, POST WAR, 1947-1957
  After Walter retired, he settled down on a small ranch in Turlock, California. To keep busy, he raised earthworms for the fishermen and agriculturists. Because of this, he became known as "Wormy Walt". Unfortunately, his hip continued to get worse, probably as a result of his parachute jump from the L.V.G. in 1924. He died in 1957 as a result of complications arising from his accident.
Included on this page are three photos which his good friend Walter Bullock had sent to him. Bullock built and flew two classic airplanes as late as 1966.
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Walter Lees
Local Rancher
March, 1949
Lees Commander of
State Guard Unit
September, 1950
Ralph de Palma Visits
Walter Lees
June 1953
Friday the 13th
Remembered, 1956
Early Bird Reunion
Birmingham, 1962
Bullock Homebuilt Bullock Flying His Bleriot, 1966 Bullock Flying His
Beachey "Little Looper", 1966

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