Gallery 11, War Years, 1940 TO 1946
  Walter was recalled to active duty on November 20, 1940. He served at various Naval stations including Corpus Christi, Texas, Alameda, California and the Phillipine Islands. He retired from the U.S. Naval Reserve on June 28, 1948.
     Included on the page are four photos of George Hicks, who married Walter's daughter Billie (Charlotte). They met and married while Walter was in Corpus Christi. George served in the South Pacific.

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Walt Navy
Corpus Christi
January, 1941
Assembly & Repair Shop
Corpus Christi
March, 1941
John H. Towers
Corpus Christi
June, 1941
Flying Boat
July, 1943
Sangley Point, Phillipine Islands
April, 1945
Walter, Navy, 1945 Damaged Plane, Philippine Islands,1945 Camp, Philippine Islands, 1945 Ships, Unidentified, 1945
Corpus Christi
March, 1946
Service in Phillipines, WW II, 1944-1945 Church of Immaculate Conception, Phillipines, 1945 Last Flight, 1944
Lt. Comdr. George Hicks
WW II, 1945
George's First Plane George Solos in Travel Air, 1932 George and his Crew
South Pacific, 1943

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