Walter & Fred
Text of Radio Talk over Station WXYZ
5:00 P.M., Sunday, June 7, 1931,
by C. C. McGill, Secretary, Public Affairs Bureau
Detroit Board of Commerce.


Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen.
Tuesday noon (day after tomorrow) we will again have the opportunity of signally honoring Detroit's manufacturing genius and the ability of Detroit men in surpassing world records. Walter E. Lees and Frederic A. Brossy, the two Detroit pilots, who a few days ago set a world's record for a non-refueling airplane endurance flight will be the guests of the Detroit Board of Commerce and the city's aircraft leaders at a luncheon at the Book-Cadillac Hotel.
     Flying the Bellanca airplane, powered with a Packard Diesel engine, in which they set up the new record of 84 hours and 33 minutes in Florida several days ago, these two fliers came home last Friday morning and were welcomed at the City Airport by city officials and the Aircraft Bureau of the Board of Commerce. Tuesday's luncheon will be the opportunity for all of Detroit to hail these two new champions.
     The return of this record to Detroit is not only a great source of pride, but is of vast importance. It does more than center the attention of the world upon Detroit. It shows the world that Detroit is still an aggressive leader in aeronautical affairs.
     On previous Sunday evenings, I have told you of the industrial significance of the aircraft industry to Detroit. It is the plan of the Board of Commerce to make Detroit the aircraft center of America. Already, there is a huge concentration of aircraft activity here, which adds substantially to the city's total payroll, and consequently to whatever degree of prosperity Detroit enjoys.
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