JUNE 6, 1931

  Group in Detroit  
  Left to Right,
E.F. Roberts, vice-president, Packard Motor Car company, 1920-1935
J. W. Loranger, general sales manager
M. A. Cudlip, vice-secretary and secretary
George H. Brodie, Packard Business Manager of Aircraft Division
Walter Lees and Fred Brossy
Edward Macauley, sales manager of the aircraft division
and son of the President, Alvan Macauley
Ray Cooper, manager of Board of Commerce aircraft bureau
Harvey Campbell, vice-secretary & secretary of the Board of Commerce
Hebar Wallace Peters, Packard vice-president in charge of distribution
Hugh J. Ferry, Packard Treasurer, 1928-1934..

Received Enthusiastically by Hundreds at Detroit City Airport

Escorted by a three-ship element of naval reserve planes, Walter E. Lees and Frederic A. Brossy, holders of the world's non-refueling endurance record, landed at Detroit city airport at 10 a.m. Friday. They were greeted by Detroit Board of Commerce officials, Packard Motor Car company executives, members of their families and several hundred spectators who pushed aside barriers and rushed out onto the field to surround their monoplane.
     Pilots Lees and Brossy, Detroiters, set their record at Jacksonville Beach, Fla., May 28, when they surpassed the previous mark by a margin of nine hours and 10 minutes. They flew a Bellanca Pacemaker powered with a Packard Diesel engine. Their performance was particularly remarkable in that when the old record was set, engineers held that it could not be taken from the French fliers who established it.
Oil Burner Changes Status

Apparently the Frenchmen had perfected a formula for fuel cargo, hourly fuel consumption and engine power which could not be surpassed. The advent of an oil-burning engine in lieu of the conventional gasoline-burning type, however, upset the calculations and permitted the Detroit men not only to beat the record by a wide margin, but to come down with a few gallons of fuel still in the ship's tanks.
     Among those who greeted Pilots Lees and Brossy when they landed Friday was Mrs. L. F. R. Bellows, vice-president of the Women's Aeronautical Association, of Detroit. Mrs. Bellows, on behalf of the association, presented each of the fliers with an especially bound      On the committee of welcome were Ray Cooper, manager of the Board of Commerce's aircraft bureau; Harvey J. Campbell, vice-president and secretary of the Board of Commerce; E. F. Roberts, vice-president of the Packard Motor Car company; J. W. Leranger, that firm's general sales manager; M. A. Cudlip, vice-president and secretary of the Packard organization; G. H. Brodie, business manager of its Diesel engine division; Edward Macauley, sales manager of the firm's aircraft division; H. W. Peters, vice-president in charge of distribution, H. J. Ferry, treasurer.
From the Detroit Free Press, June 6, 1931

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