Photo Courtesy of Kari Stenman"
Forwarded by Tero Tuononen
June 26, 2003
Good Day!
Thanks for the reply. I dug up the photo but realize it was in an article in an aviation magazine out of Finland dated 1/1996. The photo originated from Kari Stenman a noted aviation Historian in Finland. The article written by another aviation author Eino Ritaranta states that Julian arrived in 30/4/40 . Was allowed to fly one of the Finnish airforce French Morane fighters, flew out of the city of Turku , got lost found his way back. Not much more known about his flying other than the Finns could not rely on his talents with a limited fighter force. By this time in April of 1940 the Winter war had already concluded 6 weeks prior and his services were no longer required. He did stay on until june of 1940 and was last seen leaving a hotel with two Finnish women on his arms entering a cab. The photo in the magazine described him with a rank of Captain and wearing a Finnish flight officers dress uniform . Anyhow a small snippet of information. A good friend of mine in Finland knows Kari Stenman quite well. If you like I can dig up his email and he might be able to offer some more information. Let me know.
Regards Tero Tuononen
Toronto, Canada
July 9, 2003
Good Day!
I received this message from Ove Enquist. Ove is a commander in the Finnish Navy and has written several books on coastal artillery. He sent me this message giving permission to use the photo. Please read.
Regards Tero Tuononen
Dear Tero
We came home from our summer house today, but we'll take a one-week trip to Poland the day after tomorrow, so I spoke with Kari Stenman and Kalevi Keskinen about the photo today. Both Kari and Kalevi gave me the same answer. The photo is from and in their photo collection, but neither of them could remember who gave it to them originally. The guess was it was some old veteran. However, both of them said that a photo older than 50 years can freely and legally be published by anybody and they gave their permission to you to publish it although no permission is actually needed. Mentioning "via Kari Stenman" would be nice.
As I understood it, you only asked about the photo so I did not talk to Ritaranta who wrote the text you sent me. The scanned photo you sent me seemed good enough, so you will probably be able to use it on the web site.
All the best
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the free encyclopedia.
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by Colonel Hubert Julian
as told to John Bulloch.
The Adventurers Club, London. 1965, 200p.

     ".....Born in the West Indies, expatriated to England at age twelve. Co-writer Bulloch speculates in his preface that Julian is now an American citizen; Julian is closemouthed (or misdirects) as regards his modus operandi but Bulloch points out that not only is Julian now a New Yorker......."
Partial extract from the Webpage of

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LYING LIPS (1939) A classic melodrama from famed director Oscar Micheaux, stars Edna Mae Harris as a nightclub singer who is unjustly convicted and sent to prison for the murder of her aunt. Co-produced by the distinguished black aviator Colonel Hubert Julian.60 m Video/C 999:931
From the Media Resources Center, Moffitt Library, UC Berkeley, CA
Courtesy Gary Handman, Director

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