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Henri Brégi
Henri Bregi
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  Henri Bregí
Born in Sedan (France), December 4, 1888 (there are also records of the year of birth 1875). He made his first studies in the College of Jauronde-Sailly. When Henry Bregí tilted toward their concerns aeronautics engineer was already electrician (as Jorge Alejandro Newbery), and only 17 years old.

He gained then Voisin biplane on which received flight instruction by the aviator Paulhan. So prominent was his capacity as a pilot without having yet received his title as such, it intervened in October 1909 and was winner in a contest away in flight, taking credit for a prize discerned by Mr. J. M. Falco. Diploma pilot aviator by the Aero Club of France, Brevet No. 26 of December 21, 1909.

After terciar other powers similar Bregí obtained a diploma pilot aviator dated December 21, 1909, being granted by the Aero Club of France the respective letter of international pilot aviator No. 26. Immediately traveled to Buenos Aires. He arrived on January 8, 1910 on board the steam Parana, ie, a week before Ricardo Ponzelli. It came accompanied by his brother Christian and mechanical Lucien Heil, under the sponsorship of the magazine L'Auto, Paris, on the initiative of its representative in our country, Don Victor Laborde, known athlete and introducer of cars.

Bregí brought two biplanes cellular Voisin, Ponzelli of the twins, the first equipped with ENV 60 hp engine and the other by a 50 hp rotary Gnôme (Launched Octavie III)., Cooled to air. He settled in the airfield where Longchamps used a segment of the runway 4,000 meters long by 60 wide (Diario La Nacion January 29, 1910). This illustrious unobjectionable recorded an aviator flying in the town of Longchamps, on 6 February this year, officially controlled. On June 20, 1910 surrendered before the judges review the Aero Club Argentino, Voisin biplane Gnôme-50 hp and obtained the letter No. 10. He returned to France after the magnificent air days carried out during the centenary celebrations

Some of the flights realized:
In Argentina
February 6, 1910:
Flight on the Longchamps racecourse at 17:35 pm He travelled 7 km to 25 m. That Sunday was attended by some 3000 people. There was racing cars and motorcycles.
For the Aero Club Argentino attended by Eng. Alejandro Jorge Newbery, Gervasio Videla Dorna, Jorge Lubary and Dr Philip Madariaga. On 1 flight began at 17:35 pm, the plane took off my traveled 120 to 40 km / h to reach the 15 meters. At 18:45 pm conducted the 2 nd flight carrying Raul F. Zimmermann.
It took off 15 seconds in the 120 metres race: toured the track two laps (7 km) to 60 m in height, and flew 8:45 min at 40 km / h. (07 1910)
On that occasion was enabled the railway station opened by the Minister for Public Works and Services of the Nation Ezekiel Ramos Mexía recently from August 10, 1910. Attended flights and about 3500 people were assigned about 50 police officers.
February 7, 1910: Flight Award by the height. He flew 15 km to 50 m in 16:51 min
February 8, 1910: Flight 22 km to 80 m in 19:20 minutes by the award set by the Aero Club Argentino.
February 12, 1910: Exhibit at Longchamps. Volo 1200 m to 15 m in height in 2 minutes
February 13, 1910: That Sunday Bregí attempted a flight to La Plata, which had to be suspended due to strong winds prevailing. (The Nation 14FEB10)
19 1910: Flight Bregí about Buenos Aires
20 to February 27, 1910: Moving and flight in Mar del Plata.
March 12, 1910: Henri Bregí flew at Longchamps 6 km to 80 m in 7 min.
March 13, 1910: Henri Bregí flew 2 times in Longchamps
1 º flight: 8 km to 25 m in 3:28 minutes
2 nd flight 8 km to 35 m in 8:36 minutes.
March 15, 1910: He started at Longchamps their flights with passengers. He made 4 flights circuits 600 m to 6 m:
1 º F. Flight With Raul Zimmermann 5 km to 15 m
2 nd flight Dell'Aglio
3 fourth flight with Enrique Roger
4 th flight Italo Perotti
March 16, 1910: passengers flew with Longchamps circuits of 600 ma 5 m. Carried N. Bonno, Baron N Vizelles, Cnl L. (French) Mougin and J. M. Lubary
March 18, 1910: He made 2 flights at Longchamps, 5 and 6 km with Italo Perotti.
March 30, 1910: Exhibition Bregí flight passenger in Longchamps (20 min at 160 m in height)
April 17, 1910: Participated in Villa Lugano Meeting a charity organized by the Society of Ladies of Charity Villa Lugano (24-minute flight 200 m)
April 18, 1910: A meeting of charitable Villa Lugano, sponsored by the Society of Ladies of Mercy. Participants Valleton (made 5 laps to 12 m in height in 12:30 minutes), Aubrun (2 laps to 50 m in 5 min and 15 min for a flight outside the airfield), Bregí (1 around 24 minutes outside the airfield to 200 m finalizing a plan from 80 m May 30 to June 5, 1910: Participated Tournament Aviation Week Centennial.

In other countries:
August 7, 1910: First phase of the Eastern Circuit. Issi-Troyes, 135 km. Parten Leblanc, Aubrun, Lindpaintier, Legnagneux, Weymann, Mamet-Busson, Bregi, Latham. Bielovucic, Metrot and Noel could not leave. Win the stage pimer Leblanc; 2 º Aubrun; 3 eighth Linpamtner; 4 th Legagneux that landed at the cemetery Troyes.
October 26, 1910: Participated in the "meeting" Bourges. Along with Bielovuvich, Paillette and Blanchard, (Jean Pierre Blanchard), returned flight to Paris from that location, traveling 300 km with just one stop in Orleans. It was a good perfomance of which dealt with the press praise.
July 6, 1911: In order to attend the inauguration of an institute aerotécnico at Saint-Cyr, traveled in a biplane Breguet 250 km between Douai, where serving military, and where Chartres made its descent at night (newsletter of the Aero Club Argentino In Year No. 3 August 10, 1911).
September 13, 1911: Morocco flew in with a Breguet 40 from Casablanca to Rabat
19 or September 21, 1911: 190 km flew between Rabat and Méquinez (Morocco)
September 20, 1911: Carried as a passenger Mr. M. Lebeau, Méquinez to Fez (120 km); flight with which acquired its well-deserved fame.
24AGO13: He made a flight from Paris to Deauville in a competition.
Henri Brégi
  28 to October 31, 1911: Bregí military participated in competitions (distance, height and landing) carried out between Reims. In one of the Latest evidence of a similar contest (November 26, 1911), Bregí won 4th place in the flight distance of 300 km: Amiens-Reims Reims, with three passengers. Fulfilling military service with a seat at Douat,
September 1912: Bregí conducted with aircraft Breguet in large military exercises with major flights. One of them (day 14) was the Exploration of the region Chatellerault Londun Thouars, with a distance of 280 km at 2:45 pm.

Estallada the 1914-1918 war, Bregí defended hollado soil of their homeland from the air, but its fate adverse prevented him from seeing the final victory: 12 or died on January 14, 1917, in Saint-Mandrier in circumstances behind a German submarine in the bay of Toulon, was precipitated into the sea with his plane, pereciendo on the spot.

At the fiftieth anniversary of the first flight Bregí (6 February 1960), the entire Argentine press, without exception, recalled the unique feat by inserting in its pages encarecidas commemorative notes. Three years later, the Country Club of Longchamps opened in the grounds of the institution, a monolith reminder of that episode. A bronze plaque affixed to your face can be read the following inscription: "To the Argentine aviation, the Country Club of Longchamps to perpetuate the historical fact of the first flight in the country done in this town by the 'French aviator Bregí Henry, February 6, 1910. Longchamps, August 25, 1963 "

Henri Brégi
Henri Brégi
Piloto Aviador No 10
(Collection of Eloy Martín-Argentina)

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