Jorge Newberyh
Photo courtesy of Marcelo Parravicini, 7-12-04

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       Jorge Newbery and Aarón de Anchorena, moments before the historical ascension of the "PAMPERO", a lifering appeared hanging on the basket, which had belonged to the troopship "Pampa" of our Navy.
     Jorge Newbery y Aarón de Anchorena, momentos antes de la histórica ascención del "PAMPERO", aparecen el la barquilla, de la que pende un salvavidas facilitado por el transporte "Pampa" de nuestra marina.
Fuente: Instituto argentino de historia aeronáutica Jorge Newbery (Buenos Aires 1976).
Gentileza: Juan Viegas

Courtesy of Eloy Martin, 4-13-06

Mr Ralph
Name: Jorge Alejandro Newbery (1875-1914)
Padre: Ralph Newbery (dentista) nacido en los Estados Unidos el 12 de Febrero de 1848
Madre: Dolores Malagarie
Fue pionero de la aviación civil y militar argentina. Ingeniero Electricista
1908: Brevet de piloto aeronauta Nº 2
1910: Brevet de piloto aviador internacional Nº 8
1911: Presidente del Aero Club Argentino
1912: Piloto instructor de la Escuela de Aviación Militar del Ejército Argentino
1913: Brevet de Aviador Militar Nº 1
1914: Fallecido en accidente de aviación en Los Tamarindos, Mendoza (Argentina)
el 1º de marzo durante una exhibición de acrobacia con el Sr. Benjamín Giménez Lastra a bordo de un monoplano Morane Saulnier.
Cordialmente Eloy Martín
Investigador Aeronáutico- Argentina

Courtesy of Eloy Martin, 4-13-06
(English Version)

Mr Ralph
Name: Jorge Alejandro Newbery (1875-1914)
Father: Ralph Newbery (dentist) Born in the United States, February 12, 1848
Mother: Dolores Malagarie
He was a ;pioneer of Argentinian civil and military aviation.
Electrical Engineer
1908: Aeronaut Pilot license Nº 2
1910: License of International Aviator Nº 8
1911: President of the Argentin Aero Club
1912: Instructor of pilots at the Military Aviation School of the Argentinean Army
1913: License of Military Aviator Nº 1
1914: Died in an aviation accident in Los Tamarindos, Mendoza (Argentina) on March 1 during an acrobatics exhibition with Sr. Benjamín Giménez Lastra in a Morane Saulnier monoplane.
Eloy Martín
Aeronautical Investigator - Argentina

     Using Google on "Jorge Alejandro Newbery", you will find about 55 links, most of them in Spanish. However, most can be translated directly from the search engine page.
     In addition, through the courtesy of Hernando Mankus, Website Manager of the website, we have access to a very important website:
Aero arg
     In addition to many other sections which are available, there is a section devoted to "Pioneros de la Aviación." Here in addition to pages featuring Amalia Celia Figueredo de Pietra. and Aarón de Anchorena you will find a link to the story of Jorge Newbery. It offers a very detailed resumé of his career and includes three photographs of him.
Jorge Newbery
Selected introductory paragraphs of the article, extracted and translated

"The aeronaut"
     "The airship dazzled him. In Paris he knew Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian precursor of the airship and aviation. In that same year Aarón Anchorena returned from Paris with his Pampero balloon, in which he made ascensions. He sought companions with whom to share his adventures in the air. He found there was nobody better than Jorge Newbery, who was open to all the restlessness of this century.
     This citizen established the Military aviation school and equipped it with aeroplanes and pilots."

     You can access the whole article by clicking on the title above. It is written in Spanish, but a machine-translation can be obtained by copying the URL of the website and pasting it into the Babel Fish program.

I.C.A.S. - Historia de la Aviación en Argentina (English)
International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences - ICAS (English)
Argentine Aeronautical History (English)
Historia de la Aviación Argentina (Spanish)

     This website offers several options, including a resumé of Argentine Aeronautical History in English. Each of them will enable you to understand the development of aviation in Argentina, including some knowledge of the primary participants in the story. You can choose any of three links above so as to learn more of the basics in your preferred language.
Jorge Alejandro Newbery (1875-1914)
     This page is only one of the very many brief biographical entries which are found on the "Biografías" subsection of the "Todo Argentina" website. It summarizes his life very nicely and may be a good place to start. It also offers a very nice little photograph of Jorge in his airplane. The article is written in Spanish, which I hope you can read so as to gain the most accurate story of his life and career. You can access the original article by clicking on the title above.
     If you are not fluent in the language, as I am not, you may want to utilize the machine translation, slightly edited, which I have appended below.
       "Argentine aviator (1875-1914). He graduated as an engineer in the United States. He joined the naval service, where he received the rank of commander and contributed to the formation of the first squadron of Argentine military airplanes. In 1907 he made one of the first balloon ascents. Two years later he carried out a raid from Buenos Aires to the Brazilian city of Bagué, during which he surpassed the world distance record, (541 kilometers) and time aloft (13 hours), manning "the Patriotic" balloon. From 1912 to 1914 he established several world-wide altitude records in an airplane ( 6,225 meters) and was president of the Aero Argentine Club until his death, which occurred March 1, 1914, in Mendoza, a flight accident, while he was studying the possibility of crossing the Andes by air."  
Jorge Newbery
     This website, which is devoted entirely to Jorge Newbery, offers the best summary of his life and career which I have found. If you read Spanish, you will find it to be especially useful. It includes nine photographs showing him and several of his balloons and airplanes. If you have to utilize the machine translation, as I do, I think you will be able to follow the story, if only with some difficulty. You can access it by clicking on the title above.
Argentine Air Force
Translated excerpt from the website
     Two ilustrious compatriots Aarón de Anchorena and Jorge Newbery, manning the Pampero balloon of 1200 m3 of gas, managed to join the Field of the Sportiva, the current Polo Field of Buenos Aires, with Conchillas in the Uruguayan department of Colonia, after flying over the Río de la Plata,, managing to repeat that feat of 1887, to join two South American nations by air..
      Weeks later, on January 13 of 1908, a select group of idealists founded the Argentine Aero Club, one of first of the world and the undisputed cradle of civilian and military aviation of the country, for whose first presidency was chosen the previously mentioned Aarón de Anchorena.
     Dos ilustres compatriotas Aarón de Anchorena y Jorge Newbery, tripulando el globo Pampero de 1200 m3 de gas, lograron unir el Campo de la Sportiva, actual Campo de Polo de Buenos Aires, con Conchillas en el departamento uruguayo de Colonia, luego de sobrevolar el Río de la Plata, logrando repetir aquella hazaña de 1887, de volver a unir por los aires a dos naciones sudamericanas.
     Semanas después, el 13 de enero de 1908 un selecto núcleo de idealistas fundaron el Aero Club Argentino, uno de los primeros del mundo y cuna indiscutida de las aviaciones civil y militar del país, para cuya primera presidencia fue elegido el citado Aarón de Anchorena.

     You can read the whole story, in Spanish, by clicking on the title above. By using the Babel Fish program to make a machine-translation from Spanish to English, you can become familiar with the many other sections of great interest which are available on the website.
Argentine Aero Club
Recommended by Oscar Ernesto Livy
     If you read Spanish, you are fortunate and can easily take advantage of the many section on this website, especially that which treats of the History of the Institution. If not, you will find it a bit difficult to make machine-translations of the text. If you are sufficiently interested, you will find it to be worth the trouble, for the details are very important and interesting.
     Of particular value is the section, "Links Amigos." You will find that the links which are featured will enable you to visit many websites of very great interest and you will be able to learn a lot about the status of early and current aviation activities in Argentina.
  Jorge Newbery's death occurred March 1, 1914, in Mendoza, a flight accident, while he was studying the possibility of crossing the Andes by air  
     This page is found on the Find-A-Grave website and offers a brief biography by Marcelo Alvarez. It also offers two photographs, one a picture of Jorge and the other of his mausoleum, both of which were supplied by Sergio Orellana. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.
     If you are not already familiar with the Find-A-Grave website, and if you have the time, you should examine its features and resources. I have found the graves of a number of famous aviators are available, including Florencio Bartolomé Parravicini. Usually they feature a short biography and one or more photographs.

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