(February 1911)
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     The young Ing Giuseppe Cei is riemplendo la
prints slow combustion stove with the story of its feats, and
Giuseppe Cei

of admiration how many had the fortune to see it to fly to the field of Issy-les-Moulineaux, to the doors of Parigi.
          To he toccó the honor to take the first licence of
     28 January, repairs the breakdowns, Cei to you tries to strike the record of height; 1050 m catch up i, of height, but to cause of the breaches of pulling, it is forced to land, from 250 m. in flat flight in 1 ' 25 ".
          At last, 3 February, Cei, flying with a frightful time signaled from the Eiffel Tower a wind to squalls until 19 m. to the second! for the prize Touche to Tout, it covered km. 63,700 to Issy, and, for how much the prize was believed, won. But in the same day, the aviator Noel flew to Douzy with a person taking a walk on biplane Sommer, and covered the distance of mk. 67.600
     prize, that it demanded a minimum of 60 km. in circuit closed within 3 February, it had been; before won from Jeanne Herveux ch it covered to Pau 55 km. The prize came constestato; but siccome one fallen it removed the life to the ill-fated Noel, is difficult that it can speak, and therefore… not of parlerá more. The meriito one always remains peró to the Cei to have battered the record of velocitá for biplanes, being completed i its km. 63,700 in 39 ' 42 ".
          Lately Cei flew in the Premio delle Multe. After two tried to you, one de 15 km., the other of 52 minuteren but
1911, giusto il IJanuary, day in which others four air ones would have had to take it, but they estimated more prudent procrastinar the laurea in sight of the most violent wind. Not cosi the Cei, than dared flyer, was not cured of the squalls and the air whirlings arm imperversanti on that field of manover infido and inviso agti air, and passed its shiningly esame.
          S Cei January, that it had flown for approximately three quarters of hour to a hundred of meters of height, arranged to land, when it came to hit with its apparatus against that one of Pourrain that disponeve instead taking the overhong. The biplane of Cei had little breaches, but the Blériot it came completely destroyed.
Giuseppe Cei
carried out after the departure of the Commissioner, l'11 February succeeded to cover to Issy, km. 51,750, adjudicating one of those prizes.
Giuseppe Cei
Giuseppe Cei

Collection of Valerio Vallini, 9-28-06

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