Fred Eells
Fred Eells in flight No. 2
July 17, 1910
photo by P. Kirkham

Collection of Steve Scully
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Early Pilots Collection.
Photographs, clippings, correspondence; 1894-1978; 2.2 cubic feet. There is material on Thomas S. Baldwin, Lynn Bauder, Lincoln Beachey, Joe Bennett, Tony Bitetti, Art Boston, Ralph M. Brown, Frank H. Burnside, Joe Costa, William E. Doherty, Fred Eells,Theodore Ellyson, Eugene Ely, Walter L. Fairchild, John J. Frisbie, Bert Hassell, Beckwith Havens, Frederick A. Hoover, Ray Hylan, Fulton Irwin, John Kaminski, Charles B. Kirkham, Henry Kleckler, E. M. Laird, Ruth Law, William S. Luckey, Damon Merrill, Harvey Mummert, Hugh Robinson, Blanch S. Scott, Windy Smith, Francis Wildman, J. Newton Williams, and others, including a number of student pilots from Japan. Also a typed history of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation Airplane Division, 1910-1945, by Art Butler, and reminiscences of Curtiss Airplane Company of Buffalo, 1915-1919. RLIN ID NYHV2306-A.
Editor's Note: This collection is housed in the New York Historical Society Collection.

     If you search for "Fred Eells +aviation", using the Google search engine, (11-4-03), you will find about 11 links. Most of them are quite fragmentary. Among the most helpful are the following.
     "Fred Eells flies a pontoon equipped Rieflin biplane (patterned after the Curtiss) at Glen Haven. He flew at an altitude of 350 feet, for one hour and twenty-one minutes covering a distance of seventy three miles."
     This brief excerpt comes from a page on the VINTAGE VIEWS OF ROCHESTER, NY website. It offers a TIMELINE of a few aeronautical events from 1836, the first balloon ascension, to 1935. It also offers images of nine air transportation postcards. You may visit it by clicking on the title above.


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