Fred Hoover, 1916
Photo from collection of Lester Bishop
Courtesy of David Balanky
Fred Hoover, 1918
Sorting through some Sinnie Sinclair photos and found this out of focus, not very good print of "Fred Hoover, Park Field, Millington, Tenn. 1918".
Something is better than nothing I guess..
Tom Yanul

Early Pilots Collection.
Photographs, clippings, correspondence; 1894-1978; 2.2 cubic feet. There is material on Thomas S. Baldwin, Lynn Bauder, Lincoln Beachey, Joe Bennett, Tony Bitetti, Art Boston, Ralph M. Brown, Frank H. Burnside, Joe Costa, William E. Doherty, Fred Eells, Theodore Ellyson, Eugene Ely, Walter L. Fairchild, John J. Frisbie, Bert Hassell, Beckwith Havens, Frederick A. Hoover, Ray Hylan, Fulton Irwin, John Kaminski, Charles B. Kirkham, Henry Kleckler, E. M. Laird, Ruth Law, William S. Luckey, Damon Merrill, Harvey Mummert, Hugh Robinson, Blanch S. Scott, Windy Smith, Francis Wildman, J. Newton Williams, and others, including a number of student pilots from Japan. Also a typed history of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation Airplane Division, 1910-1945, by Art Butler, and reminiscences of Curtiss Airplane Company of Buffalo, 1915-1919. RLIN ID NYHV2306-A.
Editor's Note: This collection is housed in the New York Historical Society Collection.

     If you search for "Fred Hoover" +aviation, using the Google search engine, (9-22-07), you will find about 35 links. Perhaps among the most helpful are the following.

Fred Hoover Biography
     You can find a nice biography of Fred Hoover, as well as much information on Lincoln Beachey, on Carroll Gray's great website by clicking on the title above.
     You may enjoy the complete story of Lincoln Beachey as well as many other stories of early aviation happenings and personalities by clicking on:

The Journal of San Diego History
     If you scroll down almost to the bottom of the page, you will find a very nice photograph of Fred taken in 1958. You can enlarge it to full size.To access the page, click on the title above.

Fred A. Hoover died in 1981
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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