Henri Farman
34}     Henri FARMAN, dit "le Roi de l'Air", Ise 25 oct. 1908, sur Biplan Voisin, accomplit au Camp de Chálons le premier voyage aérien. Depuis sur biplan Farman remporta á Reims, les prix de distance et des passagers; actuellement recordman du monde á la date du 4 novembre 1909, pour la distance (222 kilom. et la durée (4 h, 6' 2;"). - ND. Phet.
Collection of Dave Lam, 8-3-07

Henri Farman
88. - L'Aviateur HENRY FARMAN.
Collection of Dave Lam, 8-3-07

Henri Farman
Henri Farman at Ghent, 1908
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

Henri Farman
Henri Farman's Aeroplane at Ghent, 1908
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

Henri Farman
Henri Farman's Aeroplane at Ghent, 1908
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

Flight Fest for Berlin, Week of International Flying Will Begin Sunday. Prizes Range from $1,250 to $2,500.
Daily Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: September 25, 1909,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 9-16-03
Berlin, Sept. 24.
     The international flying contests which begin next Sunday at Johannisthal, near Kopenick outside of Berlin, promise to be successful. The competitons are to be held under the direction of the German Aeronautic association, the imperial aero club and the Imperial Automobile club. The aerodrome is a vast semi-circle of eight hundred acres, bounded by forests. The flying course is five hundred feet wide, 1.55 miles long and outlined by tall masts.
     The contests will continue for one week. The principal events are to be distance and endurance races, a competition to reach the highest altitude, and speed and weight-carrying races. The prizes range from $1,250 to $2,500. The donor of the Michelin cup has consented that this year's contest for the trophy be held here. The cup is worth $2,000 and with it goes a purse of $4,000 to aeroplanist covering the greatest distance.
     Among the aeroplanists who are to take part are Bleriot, Latham, Farman,Rougier, Fournier, Decater and Resa. Orville Wright has not announced his decision to participate."
Bob Davis

     September 30, 1907---Starting with a Voisin-50 Antoinette similar to that built for Delagrange, Farman was successful in flying 30-80m. at Issy, his first flight.
     October 15, 1907---285m., unofficially beating the Santos Dumont record of 220m. Subsequent principal pioneer flights were made as follows;
     October 19, 1907---100m.
     October 23, 1907---185m. in 15.4 secs., winning the first of the 150m. prizes of the A.C.F. Five others, longest 150m.
     October 24, 1907---Three flights 100m. or more.
     October 25, 1907---Six flights up to 190m.
     October 26, 1907---770m. in 52.6 secs., a new OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD FOR DURATION AND DISTANCE, winning the Archdeacon Cup held by Santos Dumont and money prize of the A.C.F. for the first official flights of 300 and 500m. Seven other flights up to 400m. Other flights up to 400m. made following days. He also established speed record of 52.7 k.p.h.
     November 9, 1907---Twice beat previous record by flying 800 and 400m. and beginning to circle.
     November 10, 1907---1,036m. in 1:14, complete circle and some short flights, continuing on eleventh. THIRD MAN TO FLY A KILOMETER, and first in Europe.
     November 11, 1907-January 11, 1908---Flights with circles continued almost daily, up to 700m. On January 11, 1908, he covered 1,800m. in 1:45.

Henri Farman
Grand Prix d'Aviation. -- Henri FARMAN après avoir boucle le kilometre en 1' 28" et gagné le Grand-Priz e 50,000 fr, se dispense si faire un tour d'honneur (13 janvier 1980)
Library of Congress Collection, 9-12-07
       January 13, 1908---Won Deutsch-Archdeacon prize of 50,000F. offered four years before for the first complete circuit of 1,000m. at Issy, duration 1 min. 28 secs. Another new DURATION AND DISTANCE RECORD; also SPEED RECORD of 1:28 for one kil.
     January 14, 1908---he made a flight of 1,500m. in 1:33.
     At this time he was constructing his tandem monoplane Farman II that never achieved success.
     March 14, 1908---Renault 40 h.p. engine fitted and flights 500-600m. at Issy. The machine, the I-bis, had been slightly altered.
     March 21---DURATION AND DISTANCE RECORD flight of 2,004.8m. in 3:31, doubling previous official flight in circular flight, the Antoinette having been reinstated.
     May 1, 1908---Antoinette 60 h.p. substituted and short flights made. On may 25-June 2 exhibition flights were made in Ghent, Belgium.
     May 30, 1908---In Ghent, Ernest Archdeacon carried 1,241m., the THIRD PASSENGER TO RIDE IN AN AIRPLANE.
     July 6, 1908---At Issy, Farman flew 20:19.6, winning the Armengaud prize of 10,000F. for first machine to fly a quarter hour in France. A new DURATION RECORD.
     July 31-August 8, 1908---Farman flew in America at Brighton Beach, New York.
     September 29, 1908---42 kils. in 43 mins. at Mourmelon.
     September 30, 1908---34 kils. in 35:36 mins. at Mourmelon.
     October 2, 1908---40 kils. in 44:32 mins. at Mourmelon.
     October 28, 1908---M. Painleve carried about two kils. and other flights made up to 40 kils. Ailerons put on.
Henri Farman
Le 30 octobre 1908, l'avíateur H. Farman se rend du Camp de Chalons à Reims (27 kilom.) en 17 minutes;
vitesse moyenne, 95 kilom. à l'heure.

6  Il franchít la ligne du clemin de fer, prés de Mourmelon-le-Petit. mettant en présence les deux locomotions
du Passé et de l'Avenir, la voie serve et la voie libre. -- ND Phot.

"October 30, 1908, The aviator H. Farman goes from Camp de Chalons to Rheims (27 kilom.) in 17 minutes;
mean velocity, 95 kilom. per hour.
6 He crosses the railway line, near to Mourmelon-le-Petit, in the presence of two locomotives,
showing the past and the future, the way of slave and the way of freedom. -- ND Phot"

Postcard from the collection of Richard Etherton, 9-8-04
Translation courtesy of Richard Etherton
       October 30, 1908---Flew cross-country Chalons-Rheims, 27 kils. in 20 mins., the machine returning by truck. See above
     October 31, 1908---Won the 25m. height prize.
     November 16, 1908---Added extra surface turning the machine temorarily into a triplane at Chalons and made some flights up to 10 kils.
     Flights continued up to the end of the year and subsequently. In 1909 he designed and built his own machine, which he entered at the great Rheims meet. On July 18, 1909, he flew for one hr. 23 mins, at Chalons, and on August 27 he made a 180-kil. flight in 3:04:56.4 at Rheims, official WORLD RECORD FOR DISTANCE AND DURATION, winning first prize. On the twenty-eighth he flew 10 kils. in 10:39 with two added passengers, the FIRST TIME THREE WERE CARRIED IN AIRPLANE.
     He next flew prominently at Blackpool meet, England, and won first duration and distance prize of $10,000, on OCtober 20, 1909. On November 3 he flew 232 kiils. in 4:17:53 at Mourmelon, another new WORLD DURATION AND DISTANCE RECORD.
     Farman went into manufacturing and became one of the world's most famous makers of airplanes.
from The Very Earliest Early Birds
by Ernest Jones

Henri Farman
     From his collection of L'ILLUSTRAZIONE ITALIANA periodicals, our friend Giovanni Giorgetti has copied this page from a 1909 issue which features the six winners from the Reims Air Show of 1909. Included are Farnam, Latham, Curtiss, Blériot, Paulhan and Tissandier. To view the full size page, click on the title.

     If you search for "Henri Farman +aviation", using the Google search engine, (10-4-03), you will find about 998 links! Among the most helpful are the following.
Les Hydros FARMAN
     This is a very valuable website which offers a comprehensive biography of Farman and includes many superb photographs of his aeroplanes. It is written entirely in French, but we English-speaking fans can appreciate the photos, at least. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

Special Collections
Wright State University Libraries
     This outstanding website includes 25 brief biographies of aviators of the period, including Henri Farman, and their associated postcards. Full size images of the postcards are available and are beautiful. To access the introduction, just click on the title above
     If time permits, I think you will want to browse the entire exhibit, page by page. I found it to be a very valuable addition to the online community.

     You will find a nice little biography of Henri Farman, on the website of the ALLSTAR Network, by clicking on the title above.

     This webpage on the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission website offer a useful biography of Henri. It also offers a picture of Henri as he won the Deutsch-Archdeacon Prize for the first flight of more than a kilometer on January 13, 1908. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

     I was inspired to search for "Farman F40" by an email from Jan Ottenbourg who owns an original wooden propeller-blade of the plane with the following insciptions on it :
Far 40
Rn 80z
Serie 1650
N° 80438
     He is hoping to learn more about the plane in general and especially about the propeller in his collection. If you can help him identify the markings, please contact him through me.
     Using the Google search engine, (7-16-05), I found about 45 links. In addition, based on his own research, Jan has recommended the following websites.
Farman F.40
Farman F40, An advanced scratchbuild project
Henry Farman Wins theGrand Prix d'Aviation

Farman F.40 & F.60 Personal Markings
      This page on the Belgian Aviation History website offers a series of eight photographs of Farman F40's with special emphasis on the nose art which was applied by their Belgian pilots. Each image can be greatly enlarged to show the pictures along with some notes regarding the particular plane, its pilot and often the observer. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

via email from Martin Shelley, 12-22-05
I am trying to locate the present whereabouts of the surviving family of the Farman brothers, Henry and Maurice, on behalf of friends who are involved in restoring and racing early cars of the type they raced in the Coupe Gordon Bennett etc before they turned to aviation around 1907.

One friend in particular is restoring an early Panhard Levasseur of the type used by Henry in the 1903 Paris to Madrid race, and has agreed to exhibit the completed car in the museum at le Mans after next year's Centenary event celebrating the first Grand Prix de l'ACF.

I know Henry died in Paris in 1958 at the age of 84, and that although he was born of English parents, he lived and worked all his life in France. I don't know much else about his personal circumstances or that of his equally famous brother Maurice, but wondered if you could give me any clues to help me find the family Farman today.

Kind regards

Martin Shelley
Member, Veteran Car Club of Great Britain &
Vintage Sports Car Club
Editor's Note: If you can help us to locate any surviving members of the family, both Martin and I would be very grateful. Please contact him by sending a message to my email address. I will forward your response to him. Thank you.

via email from Nick Case, 6-12-07
I have just come across the webpage dedicated to Henri Farman and see that it includes a request for information on any surviving family members.

Apologies if I am too late in answering, however I am a very distant cousin of Henri Farman, my grandfather Ernest Farman was his second cousin. Henri had no children but both of his brothers, Maurice and Richard ('Dick'), had a number of children. Most of their descendents, some of whom I have met, live in France.

There was also a sister who died very young, born apparently during the siege of Paris in 1870. Their parents, an English couple, had eloped to Paris.

If still appropriate you may wish to pass this on to Martin Shelley.

Thank you.
Nick Case

Suggested by Paul Koszor, 3-13-06
les lignes FARMAN
les lignes FARMAN

Product Details
Cloth: 143 pages; 9 1/2" x 12 1/2".
Used Prices: 10 to 32,00 EURO
Automne 1977. Excellent État. Broché, couverture illustrée couleurs, In-4, (24x32cm), 143pp., très riche iconographie, nombreux documents et photos. Remarquable et luxueuse revue consacrée à l'Histoire de l'Aviation, chaque numéro est consacré à un thème historique ou une figure légendaire, de façon très documentée.
Machine-translated Version
Autumn 1977. Excel State. Stitched, illustrated cover colors, In-4, (24x32cm), 143pp., very rich iconography, many documents and photographs. Remarkable and luxurious review devoted to the History of Aviation, each number is devoted to a historical topic or a legendary figure, in a very documented way.
from the livres-anciens.eu..com
You can see one of the 143 pages from the book by clicking on:
Copy of Page 123

Old Friends of EB Take Last Flight
     Henry Farman, 84, French aviation pioneer, died at his home in Paris on July 19, after a long illness. Farman flew a biplane constructed by himself and his brother in 1907. He received license No. 5 from the French Aero Club. As a young sports enthusiast, he became interested in bicycling, ballooning, gliding, and then motorcycles and automobiles, winning many races. He established a school of aviation and construction works near Versailles in 1908, and also at Boulogne-sur-Seine, and his planes received favorable attention before World War I. In 1917 he constructed the Goliath prototype for passenger airliners.
Farman Goliath
Farman Goliath
Photo from Airline History website
  Between World War I and World War II the Farman Works turned out about fifteen different models Farman held many records and his experiments led to numerous inventions.
This from The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
November, 1958 Number 60

Editor's Note:
If you have any more information on this pioneer aviator
please contact me.
E-mail to Ralph Cooper

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