Ivan Gates
Ivan R. Gates
from Baling Wire, Chewing Gum and Guts
by Bill Rhode

Editor's note: I obtained this photo from my copy of the book. I am told that the author, Bill Rhode, died recently. I wasn't able to contact the Kennikat Press. The book is out of print, but you may be able to find a few used books online.

     If you search for "Ivan Gates +aviation", using the Google search engine, (7-16-05), you will find about 57 links. Each of them offers important information regarding his life and career. A good place to start might be the following.
Clyde Edward Pangborn Papers,
     Ivan and Clyde were partners in the Gates Flying Circus. This page on the Washington State University Libraries website offers a very comprehensive revue of their activities. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

     You will find a reference to Ivan on the AeroFiles website and can visit that entry by clicking on the title above. You may want to use the "FIND" function on "Gates" to locate the entry on the page. An additional benefit from following that link is to see a picture of one of his aeroplanes which is being flown by M. Gustav Strombom. This is the only mention of that pioneer aviator which I have found to date. (7-16-050
     There is a second reference to Ivan which can be reached by clicking on:


and GUTS
by Bill Rhode
Lloyd Geraldson
The Story of the Gates Flying Circus.
Port Washington, NY: Kennikat Press, 1970.
ISBN 0-8046-1424-5

Sample of Contents
Transcribed by Bob Davis, 7-9-05
"He became interested in aviation in 1911 and built home-made gliders. The new, sensational appealed to him. He bought the rebuilt wreck of a Green Pusher plane and taught himself to fly. He had a bunch of contracts in his pocket to fly the Green at early exhibitions when a serious auto acident prevented him. The noted French flier Didier Masson was over here in 1912 and Gates persuaded Masson to fly for him and fufill the contracts. Masson was a big hit. Gates then added Nels J. Nelson, Fred Hoover, and Bird Boy Art Smith to his entourage."
"In the flambouyant years of the Early Birds just before the war, Gates booked exhibitions for Bob Fowler, Harry Blakely, Harvey Crawford, Thad Kerns and Tom Gunn."

       Ivan R. Gates was born was born in Rockford, Ill. on January 15, 1890 and died in 1932.
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993
Personal communication from Bob Davis, 7-9-05

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