Chevalier Jules de Laminne
"Au temps de Kievit 1910
( In Kievit days 1910 )
signed: L."
( Kiviet or Kiewit in Flemish language was his airfield )
Chevalier Jules de Laminne: bouillant mais généreux
Knight Jules de Laminne: boiling but generous
Photo & caption from Michel de Laminne, 1-14-04
  Chevalier Jules de Laminne Chevalier Jules de Laminne  
This excerpt is from the book, "histoire de l'aviation belge",
"History of Belgian Aviation"
Collection of Michel de Laminne, 1-14-04

Chevalier Jules de Laminne
       A Christmas card with "bonne année" ( happy new year) made by my grand uncle Jules de Laminne perhaps in 1909 or 1910. He sits in his plane ( a Farman I suppose) with a child ( his son?)
Photo and caption from Michel de Laminne, 1-14-04

Chevalier Jules de Laminne
1910 Chevalier Jules de Laminne
with Bulgarian Czar as passenger
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

from Jean-Pierre Lauwers

     Chev. de Laminne was granted License No. 9 on April 2, 1910.
from Le Printemps de L'Aviation Belge

     Using the Google search engine on "Jules de Laminne" , you will find about 20 links. Among the most helpful are the following.
     This website offers a resumé of the history of aviation in Belgium from 1794 to 1996. Included in the story is the following paragraph which mentions Jules de Laminne.
     "In 1910, the Aero-Club of Belgium organised a flying week in Brussels at the Stokkel Hippodrome. Eleven Belgian pilots were listed on the program: Pierre de Caters, Jan Olieslagers, Charles Van den Born, Joseph Christiaens, Jules Tyck, Jules de Laminne, Nicolas Kinet, Alphonse de Ridder, Leon Verstraeten, Joseph d'Hespel. and Alfred Lanser.
     Olieslagers established a new world record flying at a height of 1,524 metres."
     This webpage offers the story of the aviation meeting at Stockel near Brussels between the 23rd of July and the 4th of August 1910. You will find an image of the poster, from the collection of R. Kôhn, which publicized the meeting, a short summary of the meeting, with links to pictures of some of the participants, and four photographs of the meeting from the collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers. You can access the site by clicking on the title.
Chevalier de Laminne died in 1957 Personal communication from Michel de Laminne, 1-14-04
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