Alfred Lanser
Alfred Lanser
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers
via email from Elisabeth Ferre, 12-29-06
     My Mom told me about your "quest" for information about Mr. Lanser. She knew the man in the early fifties when he was visiting my grand uncle, his partner in business. What she knows about him is :
     Lanser was born in Belgium. He was granted Pilote licence N° 27 and made the first flight with passengers, (his 3 sisters! He was married twice and lived in Paris for a while, then moved to Caracas after WW2. He is supposed to have died there in the 60s .
     He teamed with my grand uncle, René Martin Dugué, to set up a couple of companies named SATAM and CIMA. SATAM was based on a Lanser patent applied to a system of pumps for gasoline stations. The system was the first to separate gas from air and makefilling the tank much easier ...The SATAM name is still active.
     CIMA was another patent for a system to protect fuel tanks for bomber planes during WW2... Don't know for sure what it was, but it was supposed to enable the wrapping of the fuel tanks with some "cellophane" he invented that would let the bullet go through, but then seal under the effect of the heat generated by the bullet itself...
     Another "legend" runs in the family : Lanser also solved a major problem at De Haviland aircraft. One of their new planes kept crashing for some unknown reason...(vibration ? icing ?' ) and Lanser called up De Haviland told them what the problem was and they fixed it!
     If something new comes up , we will let you know .
     Hope this helps with your search of details about his life.

Lanser Hangar
Meeting d'Aviation   Hangar Lanser
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers
Alfred Lanser
  Meeting d'Aviation   L'aviateur Lanser, au retour d'un vol de durée reçoit les félicitations de membres du Comité.
Aviation Meeting    Aviator Lanser, upon returning from a duration flight receives the congratulations of members of the Committee
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

     If you use the Google search engine on Alfred Lanser, (8-24-03), you will find four links. Two of the most useful are the following.
     This website offers a resumé of the history of aviation in Belgium from 1794 to 1996. Included in the story is the following paragraph which mentions Alfred Lanser.
     "In 1910, the Aero-Club of Belgium organised a flying week in Brussels at the Stokkel Hippodrome. Eleven Belgian pilots were listed on the program : Pierre de Caters, Jan Olieslagers, Charles Van den Born, Joseph Christiaens, Jules Tyck, Jules de Laminne, Nicolas Kinet, Alphonse de Ridder, Leon Verstraeten, Joseph d'Hespel, and Alfred Lanser.
     Olieslagers established a new world record flying at a height of 1,524 metres."
     This appears to be an entry point to a fabulous collection of photographs. The text is all in French which prevents me from understanding it very well. However, it seems to be a collection of pages from an album filled with pictures of early Belgian aviators and aeroplanes. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to enlarge the picture of the Lanser page, but even so it is worth seeing. I suggest that you surf about the site, just to enjoy some of the other entries. You can access the site by clicking on the title.

He is reported to have died between 1961 and 1965
Personal communication from Elisabeth Ferre, 11-26-06

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