Alphonse de Ridder
Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse de Ridder
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers
Alphonse de Ridder
Meeting d'aviation, L'Aviateur De Ridder se préparant pour un vol.
Aviation Meeting, the Aviator De Ridder preparing for a flight.
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

Giuseppe Rossi
de Ridder
     "I thought you might like to see an autographed image of Alphonse de Ridder in my collection. The postcard was presented to a Mr. Consol/Cousol from St. Cloud. De Ridder is in the same plane as the one in the two photos on your site. Noteworthy is the addition of camouflage canvas to protect him from the cold wind. Do you have any idea of when and where the image was made?
     Feel free to post the image to your website. I am happy to share it with you. If anyone else wants to use it, please have them contact me for permission through your email address.
Photo and text by permission from Mike Allard, 3-6-04

     If you use the Google search engine on Alphonse de Ridder, (8-2-03), you will find just two useful links.
     This website offers a resumé of the history of aviation in Belgium from 1794 to 1996. Included in the story is the following paragraph which mentions Alphonse de Ridder.
     "In 1910, the Aero-Club of Belgium organised a flying week in Brussels at the Stokkel Hippodrome. Eleven Belgian pilots were listed on the program : Pierre de Caters, Jan Olieslagers, Charles Van den Born, Joseph Christiaens, Jules Tyck, Jules de Laminne, Nicolas Kinet, Alphonse de Ridder, Leon Verstraeten, Joseph d'Hespel, and Alfred Lanser.
     Olieslagers established a new world record flying at a height of 1,524 metres."
     On this webpage you will find the story of the Meeting d' Aviation which was held in Brussels, Belgium between the 23rd of July and the 4th of August 1910.
      It offers a fascinating story of the important meeting and is illustrated with a photo of the poster which announced it, from the collection of R. Kôhn, and four beautiful photographs from the collection of my friend, Jean-Pierre Lauwers. It also offers links to photographs of ten of the important flyers who took part in the meeting. You can access the site by clicking on the title.

I don't know the dates of his birth or death.

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