Charles H. Grant
Charles H. Grant
Percy Pierce, 1908
Photo Courtesy of
Rich LaGrange,
AMA Librarian/Registrar

Percy Pierce, 1917
Photo Courtesy of
Rich LaGrange,
AMA Librarian/Registrar


by Dave Thornburg
Extract submitted by David Dodge by email. 2-16-01
"Percy Pierce built a series of twin pushers that began, about 1909, to smack the far wall (200' away) at the 66th Street armory in NYC. This was the signal for the New York Aero Club to move outdoors. The move was to Oakwood Heights airport on Staten Island, where Pierce's friend and flying buddy Cecil Peoli met one Captain Baldwin, of airship fame. Baldwin taught Peoli to fly, took him to Europe as an exhibition pilot, and got him killed the following year in a Red Devil biplane. Pierce himself kept both feet on the ground, became model editor of Aeronautics and then general editor of Fly. and lived to the ripe old year of 1962."
There is more in the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics), journal about the events in the 66th St. Armory,
What do I know about Peoli.
He designed the 24" Cecil Peoli Twin pusher in 1911. It flew 1700' in 1911, which was claimed as the world record for rubber powered models. The Ideal Model Aeroplane and Supply Co. kitted it until after Lindbergh.

Peercy Pierce
Members of the old N.Y. Model
Aero Club and all Early Birds. - 1939

Standing - Left to Right: Andrew Surini, Percy Pierce, Geo. McLaughlin, Russ Holderman
Kneeling - Left to Right: Ralph Barnaby, Frank Schober

Collection of Frank Schober
Courtesy of Margaret Schober Seaman, 3-23-06

     If you search for "Percy Pierce", using the Google search engine, (1-24-08), you will find about 162 links. Most of them refer to his activities in the field of Model Airplanes and are well worth visiting. Of special interest is the following which was suggested by Dean Mackey

Charles H. Grant
The Online Paper Airplane Museum
      My name is Dean Mackey, and I run The Online Paper Airplane Museum I have over 800 FREE paper airplane designs linked in it. Some of them are my own, most are other people's scattered throughout the web.
      I recently ran across a new (to me) old design from a McCall Magazine Feb, 1923, on ebay, but was sniped out of it at the last minute. It says it was designed by Percy Pierce, is that the same as one of your US Early Birds?
      The lady who won the auction was very nice and sent me a photocopy of Percy Pierce's Plane! I scanned it and uploaded it, and here is the page:
Percy Pierce Fairy Flyer
      Hope you enjoy it!


Francis A. Collins
Product Details
Cloth: 262 pages 5 x 8 inches
Current Bid $8.75
Publisher: The Century Company, New York, 1918
Long distance model built by Percy Pierce
From Boy's Book of Model Aeroplanes
Courtesy of Dean Mackey, 3-18-08
     I was alerted to this book and the photograph by Dean Mackey. This particular copy is currently being offered at auction on ebay. The end time for the bidding is Mar-24-08 17:52:56 PDT However, you will find numerous other copies can be located by a search on the title using Google.

  Percy Pierce departed on his last long flight Monday, July 30, 1962. Percy was a Captain in the First World War and in 1937 was Vice President of the Aero Club of Pennsylvania.
     He soloed in June 27, 1915 and for some time was associated with Charles R. Witteman, manufacturing gliders. From 1910 to 1915 he was President of the Philadelphia Model Airplane Club and was once champion long distance model flyer of the U. S. A. He has recently been operating a special printing business.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP,
October, 1962, Number 69

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