George Henry Scragg
George Henry Scragg
Treasurer & CHIRP Editor
January 1960, No. 62
1961 EB reunion
March 1961, No. 65

Stanley I. Vaughn, left, joins George Scragg in reading over
the scroll the latter was presented in recognition of
"his faithful and tireless efforts in behalf of the Early Birds.
March 1961, No. 65

Public Officials Join EB's to Honor Member

As arranged for, Stanley I. Vaughn got the Ohio clan together in Cleveland to present to George Scragg the scroll which the membership awarded him at their September meeting on the Coast. Although it was the middle of the winter, with many on vacation in warmer climes, eight of the faithful arrived at Hotel Carter as arranged for by Major General Errol H. Zistel. The group was there as the guests of Standard Oil Company of Ohio.
     Many unable to be present sent in their regrets; L. Luzerne Custer of Dayton sent his congratulations, saying that he had been at the San Francisco meeting. General Frank Lahm from his winter base in Tucson wrote, "My best wishes to George for the well deserved honor." Claude W. Pound forwarded his best wishes from Yuma, Arizona. James M. Johnson and A. Francis Arcier sent their regrets that they were unable to attend, being far away, Johnson in Texas and Arcier abroad. And a warm letter from Horace B.Tuttle in Palm springs, Calif., paying tribute to George for his activities in the Civil Air Patrol and the Cleveland Engineering Society as well as the Early Birds, was read to the members present.
     In addition to our own members paying their respects, tributes were received from a great number of dignitaries who have been acquainted with George's activities. Hon. Thomas J. Herbert of the Ohio Supreme Court commented on "what a great steller pioneer George was." Mayor Anthony J. Celebreese of Cleveland extended his congratulations to George on "Your Night." Wilson G. Stapleton, himself a pilot of World War I and Mayor of Shaker Heights, the Cleveland suburb where Scragg resides, commented on George's contributions to aviation and offered congratulations on behalf of himself and the community. Congressman William E. Minshall wired from Washington extending congratulations to George as a leader in aviation history. William J. Rogers, Director of Port Control, Cleveland, and Donald W. Patrick, Commissioner of Airports, joined together in their expression of congratulations. John A. Doyle, Jr., Deputy Commissioner of Airports, Cleveland, and Rogert Shay, manager of the Cuyahoga County Airport, joined in passing on their respects. Col. Leroy V. John, Director, Fifth Ohio Defense Area, Civil Air Patrol, commented on George's contributions to local aviation, pointing to his activities as a major in charge of C.A.P. with headquarters at the Cleveland Airport during the war and as Chief of Aviation in Civil Defense since 1950.
     Extensive writeups paying tribute to George Scragg appeared in Cleveland newspapers before and after the EB scroll award party. Presentation of the scroll was made by Stanley I. Vaughn. Early Birds present in addition to George H. Scragg of Cleveland were Reinhardt N. Asmus of Sandusky, Ohio; Ernest C. Hall of Warren, Ohio; George A. Page, Jr. of Reynoldsburg, Ohio; Howard F. Wehrle of Cinncinnati, Ohio; Maj. Gen. Errol H. Zistel of Bay Village, Ohio; Stanley I. Vaughn of Columbus, Ohio; and EB National Secretary Charles A. Arens of Winamac, Ind.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, March 1961
Number 65
       Seven Early Birds attended the award presentation at which one of their fellow members was honored for his service to the organization. From left to right are Ernest Hall, Major-General Erroll H. Zistel, George Scragg, Charles A. (Slim) Arens, Stanley I. Vaughn, George Page, Howard Wehrle and Reinhardt Ausmus
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
March 1961, No. 65

       Past President George H. Scragg passed away October 5, 1968 at St. Lukes Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio. Funeral services were held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Shaker Heights, Ohio, on October 7th with interment in Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland. He leaves a son, George H. Scragg, Jr., a niece, Dorothy Scofield of Decatur, Georgia; two sister-in-law, Mrs. Violet Rew of Des Moines, Iowa and Mrs. Rosie Evans of Longon, England. His wife Blanche passed away June 20, 1968
     George Scragg was born in Scranton, Pa., January 30, 1890. He married Blanche Hudson of London, England, December 24, 1913. They had one son. In 1963 they celebrated their golden anniversary.
     He attended City College of New York, in 1906 and 1907; New York University, in 1920.
     In 1907 he was associated with Santos Dumont in Brazil as a design engineer. In 1908 and 1909 he worked as a design engineer and pilot with Glenn Curtiss and Pfitzner at Hammondsport, N. Y. Was designer and pilot for Wm. Greene Aeroplane Company, New York, N. Y., 1909-1910; president, International Aeroplane Corp., London, England; associated with F. Handley Page, 1912. later he was active in the truck manufacturing industry; advertising and sales promotion director, White Motor Co., 1938-50; and until his death, was proprietor of George H. Scragg Organization, a sales promotion enterprise.
     During World War I, he was a pilot with the Aviation Section, Signal Corps, and served overseas. During World War II, he was Commander, Civil Air Patrol, Cleveland, Ohio.
     In additino to serving as former treasurer and past President of the Early Birds, he was also a member of Q. B., National Association, Cleveland Engineering Society, Cleveland Aviation Club, AWA, National Aviation and ISAW.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
January, 1969, Number 75
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