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Alfredo Valletón
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Alfred Valletón
French, born April 21, 1881 in Commentry. The British magazine "Flight", in its issue of December 4 1909, noted that the November 23 Henri Farman tried a new plane that was flown in Chalons an hour Valletón. With regard to its activities on December 4, 1909 the British magazine Flight said the following: " During the latter part of last week a lack of activity in the field of Chalons, for school students Farman, Voisin Antoinette and was all work and flew last Saturday near Latham ten minutes in his new Antoinette who had just arrived after work. Henry Farman also experimented with his new machine, and the last 23 early in the morning, flew around the floor six times. The Valletón most part was on a Farman, who flew for sixteen minutes."(2)

The February 10 meeting rooms was presented at the Aero Club Argentino Moriand Louis and remained very low exposure profile awaiting the arrival of his Farman (3) biplane initially moved to Villa Lugano (4). Then moved to Campo de Mayo and operated from the auxiliary track prepared by the Company against the Air
Argentina (5) School classes (now Air Assault Regiment 601). He was afforded a precarious shelter located in the This sector of the military installations. The aircraft was armed and ready to fly on 11 February and first flew on 14. The biplane, excessively heavy, somewhat marred the first flights with passengers who were tried between us and the four-les participants were Lt. Raul Eugenio Goubat (6) and Jorge Alejandro Newbery .

Days later, with a model something lighter and slightly smaller than Valletón
(Model I bis (7)) introduced Mantels & Co. signature. Airline facilitated by Argentina, was devoted to instruction and then took over for a short time the first formal driving school that was established in the Palomar.
Valletón en Campo de Mayo.
(Foto diario La Prensa 17 de febrero de 1910)
  On 20 June he received the brevet of a pilot awarded by the Aero Club Argentino. Returning to his country given origin-accessible, along with Louis Boyer, the airplane pilot brevet No. 304 (8) was granted on 23 November of that year using my-mo to examine a 50 hp Antoinette monoplane. In France negotiated the contract Max Paris Flyer LeClerc as instructor Airline Argentina.

On November 23, 1910 board examination yielded a 50 hp Antoinette creditor becoming the brevet No. 304 awarded by the Aero Club of France.

1. Very probably the Henry Farman III Race (race).
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4. This model of plane had made its first flight on April 6, 1909 as his car plane main features were: length. 1345 m, height 3.48 m, breadth 10.80 m, wing area 42 m2, weight 550 kg maximum take-off equipped with a motor-vo rotati Gnome Omega 50-hp, allowing it to reach a maximum cruising speed of only 60 km / h.
5. Surely intervention prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Antonio Arenales Uriburu, then president of Argentina S. Air Company A. and Inspector General of Military Construction.
6. By then assigned to the School Classes.
7. The model Ia Henry Farman was one experimental type car, making its first flight on 27 August 1909. Its main character-istics were: length 10.32 m, height: 3.08 m, breadth 10.50 m, wing area 40 m2, maximum takeoff weight 530 kg (only 20 kg lighter than Valletón), motor Gnome Omega 50 HP also allowed him to reach a maximum cruising speed of only 60 km / h.
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Valletón with Lieutenant Goubat in Campo de Mayo to mark the first flight Passenger held on 21 February.
(Foto Revista Nacional de Aeronáutica 1960)
Valletón greeting during take-off (heading east) from the runway at the School of Classes.
(Foto revista Caras y Caretas
N.º 595, 26 de febrero de 1910)

  Fuente: MARTIN Eloy (2010). Los vuelos del Centenario. Crónica de la aviación argentina en 1910. Createspace. DBA of On-Demand Publishing LLC. Amazon Group. United States of America.  

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