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  These photos present incidents in Walter's career which I think are interesting and informative.Conspicuous among them are six photos related to the Early Birds of Aviation. Much of the text and many of the photos on my site are taken from the CHIRP, the journal of the Early Birds.
Membership shall be limited to those who piloted a glider or airplane, gas balloon or airship prior to December 17, 1916, upon evidence deemed sufficient by the Membership Committee and approved by the Board of Governors, except: Nationals of countries other than the United States engaged in World War I must have met the foregoing conditions prior to August 4,1914.

      So frequently we are asked: who attended the first EB meeting, where was it held, and when? You might also like to have this information, so here we are listing below the time, place, attendance, and officers on that first occasion.
      The meeting was held in Chicago on that famous date in history---December 17, 1928---*the 25th anniversary of the first Wright flight at Kittyhawk. On hand and elected to membership were:
  *Ernie Jones
*Capt. Horace Wild
L. A. Vilas
*Richard H. Depew, Jr.
*Ivan J. Gates
*Col. Chas. deF. Chandler
Capt. J. F. deVillard
*Anthony H. B. Fokker
Dr. H. W. Walden
Chas. Dickerson
Marjorie Stinson
P. G. B. Morris
Members elected to office were as follows:
*P. G. B. Morris, President
Gen. Benjamin Foulois, Vice President
*Anthony H. G. Fokker, Vice President
Jean F. DeVillard, Vice President
Lt. Col. Holden C. Richardson, Treasurer
*Ernest L. Jones, Secretary

*Richard H. Depew, Jr.            Dr. Henry W. Walden
Raffe Emerson            *Walter Brookins
*Earle Ovington

The asterisks indicate those who have passed away---a vivid example of how the ranks are thinning.
From The Early Birds CHIRP, JULY, 1956, Number 54
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Early Birds Meeting
Detroit, 1932
EB's President
William E. Scripps, 1934
Early Birds Toast Curtiss in Detroit, 1935 Early Birds, at Cleveland
October, 1939
Early Birds at Fowlers in San Jose, 1939
Early Bird Meeting
Los Angeles, 1956
Early Bird Meeting
Rockton, IL, 1969
Early Bird's 57th Annual Reunion
Los Angeles, 1985
Early Bird Plaque
September, 1993
Gallery 10, Miscellaneous, 1931 TO 1941
Captain Woolson's Plaque
Summer, 1931
Capt. Ben Reisweber, 1932 Gen. Billy Mitchell
Wheel Memento
Walter Lees
Packard Hall of Precision
January, 1933
Ralph de Palma
Packard Hall of Precision
January, 1933
Air Veteran Hails
Junior Birdmen, 1934
with WACO, 1934
Junior Birdmen of America
September, 1935
Scintilla Magneto Division, Bendix Corporation
Caterpillar Club Members
Early Birds,

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