AKA C. C. Paterson
C.C. Paterson
Mr. C. C. Paterson in the pilot's seat of the British-built biplane, on
which he made some short flights at Liverpool recently, as recorded in
FLIGHT last week. (See also p. 407.)

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Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - 1911
Email from Catherine Evans, 7-21-06
Dear Mr Cooper
     I have just noticed you are also looking for a photograph of Graham Gilmour. This is the one I have of him.
     I do not know much about Graham Gilmour except the 1911 Boat Race incident (held on 1st April coincidentally) and which others were also involved in - namely, Claude Grahame-White, C. C. Paterson, P. Prier, Clement Greswell, Gustav Hamel and Mr. Hubert (who all thought it would be great fun to watch the Boat Race from the air) though none of these were so severely reprimanded as Mr. Gilmour who decided to entertain the crowds by flying low over the Oxford-Cambridge crews, annoying officials no end in the process.
     Graham Gilmour was killed on 17th February 1912.
Best wishes,

     If you search for "C. Compton-Paterson"+aviation", using the Google search engine, (7-21-06), you will find just three links. Perhaps the most helpful is the following.
The Round Britain Race
The Daily Mail £10,000 Prize
22 July - 7 August 1911

      On this page you find a fascinating story of the race, illustrated with many photographs and including some important links. It presents a list of the 30 entrants into the race, along with their aeroplanes and country of origin. Two of them are also found on my website
  Jules Védrines (9)
André Beaumont (1)
Gustav Hamel (24)
James Valentine (14)
H.J.D.Astley (2)
E.Audemars (13)
S.F.Cody (20)
G.Blanchet (11)
C.Howard Pixton (19)
C.Compton-Paterson (7)
Olivier de Montalent (23)
C.P.Pizey (17)
C.T.Weymann (28)
Lt.Reynolds, R.E. (25)
Lt.H.Bier + passenger (30)
B.C.Hucks (27)
Lt.R.A.Cammell, R.E. (12)
     If you search for "C. C. Paterson"+aviation", using the Google search engine, (7-21-06), you will find just one relevant links. However, it is a very important one and well worth visiting.
1910 Paterson No. 1 Biplane
      This page on Herb Sieger's "Early Birds" website offers a photograph, along with a brief description of his aeroplane. You can access the page by clicking on the title above. You may want to use your FIND function on "Paterson" to locate the entry on the page.

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I have no information as to the dates of his birth or his death.

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