In preparation for the Endurance Flight attempt, the Packard Motor Company commissioned a German cinematographer, Adolph. A. Widman, to document the entire operation. He filmed the event on 16 mm stock, which has survived to this day. I saw our copy in 1971, on a rented 16 mm projector. I was surprised at the quality of the film, both technically and artistically. I never had the opportunity to meet Walter, he died in 1957, several years before I met and married his daughter, Jo. However, he came alive for me as I watched the film and lives today in his photos and collection of memorabilia.
     Happily for all of us, one of his daughters, Billie, Mrs. George Hicks, borrowed our copy of the film and had a VHS copy made of it. The copy is done very well and reproduces all of the original quite faithfully. The film lasts some 34 minutes and is accompanied by appropriate background music.
     It is obvious that many of the still photos were taken at the time of the filming. I have included a selection of them for information. A full size photo may be seen by clicking on the legends below the thumbnails.

Edgewater Hotel Jacksonville Beach
Packard Diesel Engine Bellanca on Jacksonville Beach Checking the Fuel Brossy Weighs Fuel
Fuel Supply After touchdown
The Fuel For The Flight The Supplies For The Flight Waiting for the Weather Touchdown & Success
Walter & Fred Walter & Family Group in Detroit Lionel Woolson Fuel
Lees & Brossy Lees And His Family Packard Group Capt. Lionel Woolson

       I have made copies of this black and white movie using both VHS and DVD formats. At this time, (6-28-97), the cost of a blank tape or DVD is about the same. Therefore, I am setting a price of $20, postpaid, for either format. If you are interested, let me hear from you at the following address.
Ralph S. Cooper, D.V.M.
1050 S. San Gabriel Blvd.,
Pasadena, CA 91107-5543
E-mail: ralphcooper@earthlink.net
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