Lloyd E. Miller
Lloyd E. Miller
American Airlines flight for the Early Birds, Newark, N.J., ca 1937
(Left to Right)
  1. J. C. Mars, 2. Geo. McLaughlin,   3. Stewart Cogswell, 4. Wm. Mattery,
  5. Frank Goodale, 6. Robert Carolin,   7. Dr. Jerome Kingsbury, 8. Hugo Sundstedt
  9. Wilbur R. Kimball, 10. Dean Lamb, 11. Dr. Henry W. Walden, 12. Ernest L Jones
13. Bertell King, 14. Chas. R. Witteman, 15. Geo. Scragg, 16. Mortimer Bates
17. Horace B. Wild, 18. Hank Miller, 19. Billie Miller, 20. Cord Meyer
21. Augustus Post, 22. Dr. Wm. Christmas
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via email from Ed Miller, 5-11-07
Dear Sir
     My name is Edward Hanks Miller my grandfather was Lloyd E. Miller and my grandmother was Wilma "Billie" Hanks Miller. My farther was Theodore Hanks Miller their son, their daughter was Sallie. My father has passed away, but he did leave the certificates of my grand parents making the Early Bird Flyers to me. I still have it in the orginal frame that they received it in.
      I would be honored to tell you information on my grand parents history in aviation. My Aunt has many pictures of them. I was 1 year old when my grandfather passed away, but my father and grandmother told me about his mark and her mark in aviation history. I thought it would be neat if you can make a book on all the pilots of their time.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Ed Miller
via email from Ed Miller, 11-23-07
Dear Mr. Cooper
     I have not forgotten your organization,but I have been sick also and my aunt has been unpacking since she has moved to a new place of residence, I have been trying to collect all the information of my grand parents for you. I did find out that my grand mother is in a book called Who Who in American women, she was the first to build an airplane by only using mail order parts,and my grand father developed a pump for Mr. Glen Curtis Bi plane and also worked with Alexander Graham Bell on a few things
Ed Miller

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Billie Hanks Miller,
Aviation Pioneer and Early Aviator
     This link leads to the page on which Billie's scrapbook is being offered. You will find that samples of the contents of the scrapbook are available for inspection. The quantity and quality of the items are exciting and very informative as to her life and career. You can examine them in detail by clicking on the title above and following the links. You can also make an offer for the collection if that is your wish. Bidding will close on item on: Monday, September 08, 2008 at 8:30:00 PM CST.
     You can reach the page on which the second item is described by clicking on:

Book - American Wings - Signed by Billie Hanks Miller

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