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Lloyd E. Miller
Contributed by Scott T, 8-29-10

via email from Ed Miller, 5-11-07
Dear Sir
     My name is Edward Hanks Miller my grandfather was Lloyd E. Miller and my grandmother was Wilma "Billie" Hanks Miller. My farther was Theodore Hanks Miller their son, their daughter was Sallie. My father has passed away, but he did leave the certificates of my grand parents making the Early Bird Flyers to me. I still have it in the orginal frame that they received it in.
      I would be honored to tell you information on my grand parents history in aviation. My Aunt has many pictures of them. I was 1 year old when my grandfather passed away, but my father and grandmother told me about his mark and her mark in aviation history. I thought it would be neat if you can make a book on all the pilots of their time.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Ed Miller

via email from Scott T, 8-29-10
     At the age of 24 Hank was racing for such well known cars as Marmon, Rambler, Pope Hartford and Simplex. In 1908 a desire for speed in the air resulted in his association with Glen Curtiss, Alexander Graham Bell and others, doing experimental work at Hammondsport, New York.

Hank's first public flight was made in 1909, then followed a barnstorming tour of the West at a time when flying machines were still a curiosity. It was during this time that he establised a world redord by flying from Mineola, L.I. to Hicksville and back to Mineola--cross counrty--non stop--15 miles in 23 minutes and 30 seconds.

Aviation and Hank Miller have come a long way since then. Throughout the World War as a flyin instructor--as Vice President of B&M Airways at College Park, MD.--as a leading factor at New Pacer Aircraft, Freeport, N. Y., where he and his associates worked to combine speed and safety in racing planes, and a member of the Early Birds and Quiet Birdman.

Todya hank is still striving for greater safety of flyers and air travelers through the use of PESCO Products.

Lloyd E. Miller
American Airlines flight for the Early Birds, Newark, N.J., ca 1937
(Left to Right)
  1. J. C. Mars, 2. Geo. McLaughlin,   3. Stewart Cogswell, 4. Wm. Mattery,
  5. Frank Goodale, 6. Robert Carolin,   7. Dr. Jerome Kingsbury, 8. Hugo Sundstedt
  9. Wilbur R. Kimball, 10. Dean Lamb, 11. Dr. Henry W. Walden, 12. Ernest L Jones
13. Bertell King, 14. Chas. R. Witteman, 15. Geo. Scragg, 16. Mortimer Bates
17. Horace B. Wild, 18. Hank Miller,
19. Billie Miller, 20. Cord Meyer
21. Augustus Post, 22. Dr. Wm. Christmas
Contributed by Scott T, 8-29-10

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